SuckaFree Season 2, Week 5: Da lil homie doing better than last year. so FAR, 4-0 and playing Hawk’s Cowboys

An update on the SuckaFree league with 14 users. I'm the Washington Football Team, 4-0, and feeling good about my team, coach and Team President Jason Smith

“Heroes live forever but legends never die.” It’s that hardcore line from the classic, The Sandlot. We all know that but what does it mean? I’ve thought and thought and thought about it and I’ve come to a conclusion. It means that heroes are individuals that never really go away. No matter what, somehow, somehow, they return to lead conversations, settle disputes and exemplify something. Legends are different. Legends leave only a trace, stigma, reputation behind. They do not return as individuals but leave only their legacy, essence of their influence can be found here and there but the man behind it all is gone.

In the world of SuckaFree on PS4, Madden 21 videogame. Legends are the users that did something so miraculous, so freaking awesome that rules and laws were made to contain their dominance. Legends are the dudes that maybe didn’t win the championship but their presence completely threw off SuckaFree and the league still echoes their philosophy. Heroes are the dudes that stand on some kind of respect and adulation for the game. Their perspective could be amazingly twisted, hauntingly wrong or whatever but the Heroes of SuckaFree put substance over victory. They want to win in their way, proving their philosophy, showcasing their playstyle. Not a Legend. *shakes head* Legends are cutting corners, goosing ganders and flat out cheezing for a chance at championships.

Don’t worry about what everybody is. Telling you know, there are few Legends and Heroes in this league. Those titles belong to specific users that left their imprint. Good? Bad? There is no such thing homie. Heroes and Legends are all the same, users behind the sticks.

Let’s set the first official Tiers of SuckaFree with definitions. (I put a whole chart here and boys still gon argue, debate, fight, snitch and lawyer up about their rankings. *looks at Ant Joh*

T1 – Pickens (Colts),

T2 – Mongo Slade (Bucs), Funky (Chargers), Rocket (Browns), Bowman, Bball (Ravens), Ant Joh (Jets), Hawkeye (Cowboys), Kaso (Seahawks)

T3 – Flu (Texans), Jaylin (Chiefs), Westbrook (Packers), Raid Max (Panters), Oracle Jankins (Washington)

Let me just this, I wouldn’t put anybody BUT Pickens in Tier 1. Dude hasn’t lost in the playoffs and doesn’t lose BIG games. It’s obvious that the line between users at Tier 2 is minimal, if any. Each of them is good as heck in 2 aspects of Madden but you need all three to threaten Pickens. Mongo came close. Real close. If I guessed, I’d say he was right there and maybe even there but I’ve heard through the grapevine that his offense is based a glitchy shotgun play that forces your CBs to ignore the pass catcher on that side. *shrugs* Nope, I don’t know what play. Don’t know if it’s true. Honestly, I ain’t studden his offense, defense or Tier. I’m just your favorite SuckaFree reporter, Da’Boia Fool. (Pronounced DA BOY A FOOL). Several users are Tier 2 and dominate particular users and CPU teams with their simple schemes or theory. Once a user discovers that magic algorithm, the one that fits HIS style, scheme, team and philosophy, he can whoop on the CPU. If a user is sick with sticks skills, he can wreck on other REGULAR users just using stick skills. That’s why there is a logjam of cats at Tier 2. They get comfortable running their TWO aspects, beating REGULAR users, crushing CPU teams and really believe that the playoffs is a 50/50 chance. *not blinking* No homie. Naw playa. You gon have to develop more than 7 plays and learn something BESIDES speed to beat the heavyweights and hardheads. 94 speed TEs ain’t gon do it. Fast ass RBs ain’t gon do it. Deep threat WRs with 80 hands ain’t gon do it. Hovering with the safeties and MLBs ain’t gon do it. Naw dawg. You been working that hustle since Madden came out. Those dusty plays and formations ain’t gon be enough to beat somebody who putting in REAL work, learning differences between purple and blue zones, trying to get some special trait/skill for their playmaker JUST to use on certain plays YOU ain’t expecting because you spent all your time focusing on doing the same shit as last year, and the year before and the year before.

Rumor Report

All about dat Washington Football Team

The surprise of SuckaFree’s 2nd season is the Washington Football Team. Last year, they finished the season 4-12 but ended on a two game winning streak. Daniel Synder was forced out the NFL after the massive lawsuits of sexual harassment, gender inequity and Jason Smith’s revelation that the organization didn’t have a Human Resources department.

Jason Smith and Oracle Jankins discuss adjustments with Antonio Gibson, RB.

Smith elevated the defensive coordinator, Oracle Jankins, to replace one year coach Knowledge Chase. Washington’s 4-0 mark at the quarter season point has not unnoticed.

The defensive line in Washington is becoming a problem.

The secondary is the youngest in the league with three rookie starters. Geen, FS #28, volunteered to play special teams.

The trade of veteran OL allowed rookies Riggins and Gibbs to enter the starting rotation. Both are the sons of team HOFers, John Riggins and Joe Gibbs.

In Week One, Washington made the decision to trade starting C Chase Roullier and 90 rated, best OG, Brandon Sherf. At the time, many questioned the rookie coach’s dedication to defense and pointed out that he was falling prey to everyone else’s non-sense that speed kills. Fans screamed that with a rookie QB & head coach, it was imperative to keep the continuity of the Oline intact. “I trust Jason. He knows what he’s doing. I coach the players. He selects the players. Some of the college kids do all that scouting, reporting, analytics and stuff. I’ll tell you this, it damn sure added explosive elements to our offense. Defenses can’t key on Terry Mc so much because Curtis will absolutely blow the top off any zone D.

Caylin Newton has impressed each week, getting better at his initial reads and learning to slide.

The talk of the city and Congress is the play of Caylin Newtown. Newton was the first QB selected and his play talents are not in question. Heady and composed, his natural throwing ability and leadership qualities are his strong points. Critics have pointed to his normal development and scoffed the selection. “He’ll never be able to keep up with the development of his rookie class. Even the Panthers have 2 QBs with higher ceilings.”

Maaaan, people have hated on me forever. Everywhere I go, I bust my ass, I study playbooks, I watch film, I don’t date, I went to a historically black college because I wanted to focus on the game. I’m here and I will not apologize. We went to 2 college playoffs in my three at Georgia and won my rookie year. I work out with my linemen, study with my WRs and spoil my RBs. I want to be great and from I read about football, you become great through hard work, not pure talent and some wack scout’s thoughts. I’ll get better every year. *stares at camera* Washington, I’m your QB. Let’s get it.”

Caylin Newton’s open letter to the capital city of Washington.

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