So, Why Teach? (The foreword to Da G.O.A.T.)

This is the foreword to my first short story, Da G.O.A.T. Chapter one is linked at the bottom of the poem!

*This poem is the foreword to my first short story titled, Da G.O.A.T (The Gangsta of ALL Teachers). At the end of the poem, I’ve linked chapter one. I appreciate all likes and loves. I respond to all comments. Those SHARES tho? πŸ–€πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ₯‚*

Because it’s not about the money or power

I’m getting older and lost interest in “ballin”

Teaching is about being a part of something

Influencing the next generation

Nobody lives forever and I don’t want to

But through teaching

Philosophies may stand eternal, Perspectives may last forever

Why Teach?

It’s my calling, in my blood

I was born to do this 

Possessed with a passion to do this

I’m going to do this 

My commitment to teaching stems from pride and love

It’s my way of paying dues to those I owe my freedom

Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass and Medgar Evers

My responsibility is to follow the footsteps 

Of those who left the torch of education

Phyllis Wheatley, Yoshua Ben Yoseph and Dr. Carter Woodson

I’m teaching because time is of the essence

But it’s never too late to make a difference

Never too late to challenge the standards of society

Shake the social foundations and denounce assimilation

Never too late to encourage critical thinking

Prioritize connections and motivation

I teach because the opportunity 

To improve an individual’s integrity gives me butterflies in my stomach

I teach because I’m fascinated

With the fantasy that I can reach the unreachable

Touch the untouchable

I teach because I can’t preach

But it’s my belief that you must question what you’ve been told

Always, always formulate opinions of your own

There are those that don’t want me near young people

What I’ll say, they fear

But I welcome that stress each and every year

Why teach?

Because of those that need me and deserve me

Those that haven’t seen with their own eyes

How much of what they live is a lie

My obligation is to increase their odds of success and survival

My duty is to interrupt the social and criminal injustice cycle

I’m teaching because I’m full of ideas

Surprises, energy and excitement

I champion multiculturalism and damn those who deny it

Through teaching, 

Society can be reconstructed on the establishment of 

Truth, Knowledge and Equality

So, why teach?

Because I wish I had a teacher like me

Click here for chapter one titled, You could be ANYTHING and you chose this?



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