What is the cost of mycow? What financial options are available to families that remote/online/virtual school their children?

FULL explanations of how to pay for the mycow services, payments accepted, discounts for multiple family members

What WE do for you and your child…

I just KNOW this business can help parents, caretakers, teachers and families! Whether your child will attend school in-person OR the remote/online option, mycow can help by:

▪ Manage your child’s online schoolwork

We’re marking and noting assignments for you. Those project deadlines? We’ll track. That essay due date? We’ll remind y’all. That major test? We’ll keep it in vision and priority.

▪ Email teachers

When anything is late, we’re emailing teachers. When something is poorly done, we’re asking teachers about how to make it up and improve it.

▪ Check grades EVERY night

No more surprises as the grading period ends. We check grades every night so as soon as the grade is recorded, we’re making the necessary adjustments.

▪ Provides 2hrs of tutorials

Every week, the 2hrs of tutorials are used to enhance academics with proper, efficient tutorials that focus on strengths.

▪ Reward kids for book reports and A’s

When good grades are achieved, your child earns gift cards, candies or “cash allowances” on debit cards!

The cost and financial options

FULL services WITH 2 weekly tutorials

mycow wants to be affordable for parents and caretakers. For $100/week, we accept the responsibility of managing your child’s education. ($20 per day takes that stress away!) The 2nd child is $75/week. This is a 25% discount while receiving the same benefits, help and energy.

FULL services with 2 weekly tutorials

Each child after two, families are charged $60/week! That is a 40% discount to help prevent any financial burdens.

Management ONLY, tutorials paid independently

Families can choose the management ONLY option without tutorials and rewards as well. For $50/week, mycow will track assignments, projects, deadlines, grades and emails. Families may select and schedule tutorials on an independent basis that fits their needs. The “rewarding of children” is handled by parents/caretakers and opens an entire world of gifts/treats for students beyond the capabilities of mycow!

Management ONLY, tutorials paid independently

To continue and build on the options WITHOUT weekly tutorials, mycow offers a 20% discount for the 2nd child ($40/week) and 30% discount for every child after two ($30/week). Families can mix/match options, with tutors, without tutors, individual sessions, etc. to fit their needs.

Tutorial Options


1 hour sessions are $35/hour. During these sessions, students will receive instruction and study methods that enhance their understanding of MULTIPLE concepts and subjects. Students will learn the basics of learning styles (visual/audio/kinetic), brain hemispheres (right/left) and life analogies connecting academics and personal decisions. One hour sessions allow time for tutor and student to build communication and pinpoint areas of weaknesses.

30min tutorial

30min tutorial sessions are $20. For the reduced amount, tutors focus on the weakness/skill and ensure students are comfortable with that specific problem or subject. There is rarely enough time to solve issues across multiple subjects and the sessions are geared for quick resolutions.

Payments Accepted



Direct Deposit

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