How to RECLAIM YOUR TIME on those REMOTE LEARNING school assignments and grades! mycow – Managing Your Child’s Online Work (tutoring/mentoring service)

The full explanation for my new business venture, mycow - Managing Your Child's Online Work. I will manage your child's weekly assignments, offer tutoring and reward their high academic achievements so YOU can RECLAIM YOUR TIME!

Straight to the point, I can tutor your child. I’m offering to watch your child’s assignments, communicate with their teachers, track what they’re getting behind on, tutor them for 2hrs and reward their academics JUST so you can relax. I’ve been tutoring for a few years now, both with a company and independently. I’m a former Teacher of the Year, team leader and of course, *dusts off degree* I earned my Master’s in Education. Teaching is what I have always been good at. It is my purpose of helping others and fulfills my passion of storytelling. This is the basics…

mycow standard service and weekly fee

For the flat fee of $100.00/week, we will manage your child’s online schoolwork and provide 2 hours of tutoring. Management includes tracking your child’s progress on assignments, projects, lessons. We introduce ourselves to your child’s teachers and correspond/update them on tutoring, gather materials your child needs, and check their grades every night. Your child is given reading and academic goals. If those are achieved, your child earns gift cards and cash allowances on debit cards. If book reports are turned in and properly done, your child is rewarded with more gift cards and cash allowances on debit cards. We notify YOU when our tutoring/management has not improved your child’s grades.

The point of this is to motivate your child to keep up with academics, while relieving YOU of keeping up with assignments, deadlines, grades, online tutoring, etc.

mycow tutorial session

Tutoring is with your child for one full hour, $35, using Zoom, Google Meet, Bitmoji Classroom or other services aiming at improving their understanding of concepts, questions, assignments, project, etc. With 1-on-1 instruction, your child benefits because the tutor checks with his/her teacher for missing skills, knowledge and assignments. They can get “caught up” on missing work and learn study habits directed at their learning style.

Heads UP! Tutorials do NOT roll over. If a week isn’t needed, you do not have 4 hours the following week.

Now, allow me to PROPERLY introduce myself and what I’m up to…

My business logo and motto!

Link to my resume and Letter of Interest in working with your family.

How this helps YOU.

As a parent of four kids, I remember the stress and hassle of tracking grades during the first school closings. I had a senior, 8th grader, 5th grader and 1st grader all at the house, needing laptops/computers, printers, different levels of work, different speeds, *sweats* Maaaaaaan, that first month was hectic! It took me awhile to OVERstand that in order to maximize MY day, keep MY self together, I MUST organize the kids’ assignments and set a schedule for contacting teachers. That worked and my personal business, blogging and writing, took off. I don’t mean to brag but I even graduated said senior, 8th grader and 5th grader. *wink*

This service takes all that management, emails, checking grades, doubling checking grades, asking about their attendance at the online class meeting, everything off YOUR plate. We do it. We contact you when things are heading downhill. This service helps YOU by letting you know when your child is slipping BEFORE it is too late. No more “Your child has __ grade” emails and no kind of heads up on what went wrong. You ask your child about it and they act confused so you email the teacher and…. *rolls eyes* You get it. THAT is the time-consuming stress that I take from you. I’m putting their projects, essays, required readings on a schedule and tracking their progress every day. IF he/she gets behind, I’m texting you early in the process so we can reinforce good habits, better participation and schedule necessary tutorials. I am the tutor for 2hrs and since I’m tracking grades, assignments and keeping up with teachers, my tutorials are much more effective and efficient. If more tutoring is needed, I am available and you still have the local school ISD tutoring as well. Either way, my service ensures you are in the loop on your child’s education at all times.

How this helps your child.

The first two hours of tutorials are dedicated to learning styles, brain hemispheres and note-taking skills. As a former teacher, there were key aspects and lessons that I took time to develop in my students. I want the same of your child. Things like understanding their own learning style, auditory, visual or kinetic, and how each affects their academics and teachers. The brain hemisphere learning teaches your child that environment determines intelligence and sets the stage for everyday interactions in their everyday course instruction. From there, with detailed information on your child’s learning style and brain hemisphere, I can tailor tutorials to their strengths and improve their weaknesses. The hour spent in my 1-on-1 instruction is structured to build on their individual success.

About those “gift cards and cash allowances”…

Waaaaaaay back when I was monitoring hallways and sparking student interests, I used “Avant Bucks” to reward my students and recognize their effort. I paid students with the fake money and they used it to pay weekly rent on their desks, I gave their parents “good news about them” and they bought real candies, sweets, chips, juices, bonus points and switched their seating assignment. (Yup. I had seating charts in my classroom. *thumps chest*) The students LOVED it. The parents LOVED it. My principals LOVED it. I LOVED it.

As your child’s tutor and assignment manager, I am bringing that element of my classroom as a motivation. On an individual basis, parents and I set academic goals for their children. When those goals are met, the student will receive their choice of gift cards OR I transfer “X” amount of dollars to a debit card. I’ve done this in the past with my families and students with a great deal of success. Students have received Gummies, journals, Roblox debit cards, gift cards to movies, gift cards to favorite restaurants and if they have a debit card, I’ve transferred amounts of $10-25. The practice bonds students and I but builds on family trust as students recognize the involvement of their parents in the process. It is a Win-WIN! In addition, I’m including book reports under the same principles. Students that read books and write the required book report are rewarded as well! (Y’all KNOW these kids need to read more, less screentime. *duck face*)

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