Gorilla Daddy League for Madden 21 (PS4): Super Bowl Week

It's the Super Bowl in Madden 21 and I made it!!! I'm the Bengals with Joe Burrow and I'll play vs. Hawk and his Falcons. Check out how we got here and the users playing with me.

Video Introduction to the Gorilla Daddy League

Ladies and Gentleman, girls and boys, hataz, Queens and Kings, allow me introduce the FIRST ever Superbowl of the Gorilla Daddy League! Yes, the lil homie and his crew STILL balling on Madden. I quit the OTHER leagues because I just don’t have the time to blog about ONE franchise, play in a 2nd and be competitive in both. Remember, I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, gotta new job (you prolly didn’t know that one.), putting in work for my yoga certification, just finished my TEFL courses (teaching English as a Foreign Language)… WHEW! I’m over hea busy AF hunting my passion and aligning my purpose with movement. All that being said, I am loving playing in ONE league. I’m still honing and fine tuning my team but I went all in on these Bengals. The payoff? I made it to my first Madden Superbowl in a league with OTHER users! *mean mugs*

How we got here: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Atlanta Falcons

Hawk is the Falcons. Why? He wanted the Raiders but gave them up so another NEW user could be the Chiefs. That user ended up never joining the league and Hawk just stuck it out with the Falcons. I wanted the Raiders too and I gave them up so Hawk could be them. I wanted MY people in THIS league, Daddies, dudes grinding and growing, married, building hustles and businesses. He joined and ran through the NFC without a single user game. This matchup will be his first vs. a user with the Falcons. Advantage is me right?

Coming out the shadows of Ohio is

In their first matchup, the Texans dominated the Bengals high-flying offense. Joe Burrow was sacked 5x, threw 3 INTS ( one a pick-6) and never found his comfort zone. The Texans kept J. White out of the stat books completely but Shaquille Griffin tore through for 5 sacks of his own. In their highly anticipated match-up, the Bengals won a defensive wet dream. The Texans were held to less than 120 yards after opening with a 2 play TD drive. White, former OLB, switched to MLB and spied Watson throughout the rest of the matchup to clog up the short slants and drags to Superstar X-Factor and pro-bowl WR Will Fuller and deep threat pro bowler Brandin Cooks.

H-back Hakeem Butler made the play of the game when a catch-N-run from the flat that turned into the Bengals longest plays and led to the winning TD.

Coach Anzari T’Challa of the Bengals has his team on the edge of greatness. Nobody saw this coming. T’Challa was the offensive coordinator for the Washington Football Team of the SuckaFree CFM. Over the course over his two seasons, Washington improved from a bottom level offense to the 3rd highest in that franchise. When the Gorilla Daddy League offered him the Cincinnati Bengals position, he jumped at the opportunity. “In Washington, Jason Smith called the shots, players and was trying to install a sense of normalcy and professionalism in the organization. I wanted to be somewhere where I called my own everything. I pick players, free agents, draftees, coaches, I am in full control of this organization like Bill Belicheck or Bill O’Brien.

Meet the Bengals’ PlayMakers…

Burrow won QB of the Year and Offensive Rookie of the Year

Ross shattered the league record for yards, TDs and remade his skillset. In addition, he won the Player of the Year award, WR of the Year.

White was selected to be Coach T’Challa’s playmaker based on being Madden’s fastest NATURAL LB. He ends the season as a dominant defender and capable weapon.

Superstars of ATL return to the Super Bowl

ATL entered the Madden 21 season with a laundry list of star power at QB, RB, WR and along the front lines of their speedy defense. Hawk selected former OSU Darren Lee (OLB/DE) and the move paid off the veteran’s ability to play zone in key situations while rushing the pass in the others. The key to the Falcons lies in the connection between future HOFer, Julio Jones, and local legend, Matty Ice.

Despite the best efforts of Russell Wilson and Chris Carson, Coach De Clutch led the Falcons to the victory. Julio Jones 4th TD reception was the difference in a game of back and forth

Lee plays the role of special defender in Hawk’s coverages.

At 31, Julio hasn’t slowed down.

Deion Jones innate ability to run sideline-to-sideline make him the perfect fit for ATL’s amoeba defense.

The OTHER users are still here and chomping for Free Agency and the draft.

Flu’s Texans

Flu led the Texans to the AFC Championship in the first season. With Watson, he gifted his offensive stars all the firepower they needed to develop into special players.

Watson led the pro bowl voting
Fuller was Flu’s choice for X-Factor. It worked.

Fly Eagles’ Eagles

Fly Eagles joined Gorilla Daddy as it’s 4th member during the initial playoffs. A Philadelphia Eagles fan, his first order of business was choosing his X-Factor player. He rolled with Jalen Hurts and immediately signaled to the rest of the league that running and stopping the run were his priorities.

Interview with A. Great

A married father of two, I was looking for a league without the drama about advancing and trying to embarass each other. I have several businesses, commercial cleaning, real estate, clothing and I’m looking into expansion. I wanted a league where I can slide in, dominate boys and get back to making money. I thought about coming in with a whole new coach, but decided it wasn’t worth it. I gotta see how this league runs before making a long-term commitment. I’m running with other teams in other leagues so I know I can make a deep playoff run with this roster. First, Carson has to go. It’s not that I don’t believe in his talents, he just doesn’t fit us anymore. We want a QB that doesn’t turn the ball over, gets the ball out quickly and sticks to the script. Carson has a tendency to do too much, try too hard, gamble and I can’t stand that kind of QB play. The offense will be driven by the TEs and the running game. I’ve been looking at stats and I don’t see another user ready to handle what we’re gonna bring. This league is all about offense. I’m all about the DEFENSE. I plan on fixing my back 7 in the upcoming offseason and bust heads in season 2.

How to Join witcha BOI

Franchise Name: Gorilla Daddy League (password is GDz)

PSN (Homie, we gotta be friends): Levar_Chase

Chat/Talk Apps: GroupMe, Marco Polo

Official Start Date: sitting at 4 users, season 2 bout to draft on Sunday, 11/15/2020

Disputes, rule changes, etc. handled by the league council. We don’t really have rules EXCEPT


Teams Chosen Already:

*start with ONE team per division, then 2, then 3 until all spots are filled*

Cincinnati Bengals (me so AFC West is closed until all others divisions have ONE user)

Atlanta Falcons (HawkeyeDaMan)

Houston Texans (CaptainFlu)

Open Divisions/Teams Left

*start with ONE team per division, then 2, then 3 until all spots are filled*

NFC North (Bears, Packes, Vikings, Lions)

NFC West (Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals, Rams)

AFC East (Dolphins, Bills, Jets, Patriots)

AFC West (Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, Chargers)

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