Gorilla Daddy League: Arizona Cardinals Week 2 Update

The week 2 report of the Gorilla Daddy League for PS4, Madden 21. The league hired a game reporter and analysts.

Video Introduction to the Gorilla Daddy League

Hired from the SuckaFree CFM for ps4, King MutgaFugga is expected to bring fire and integrity to the new Gorilla Daddy League. King did his best to corral users towards a common goal, create a spot where everybody enjoyed the game. Dudes could hunt stats trying to build the perfect team of homegrown playmakers or crush users, King just wanted access to game film to give the people authentic, quality content. He pushed the SuckaFree Commissioner for users to SHARE their Game of the Week on YouTube or Twitch but was consistently rejected. Here, his quest for the ultimate content will continue as he regularly interviews coaches and recaps the best match-ups. Gorilla Daddy League welcomes its latest addition, reporter King MuthaFugga.

The Arizona Cardinals were predicted to finish 12-4, win the NFC West and push for a Super Bowl appearance. Game 2 vs. Washington showed glimpses of a true contender. Carson Wentz repeatedly bought time and gashed the Arizona defense for first downs and chain management. Alex Smith isn’t the run threat and the Cardinals unit boxed his pass catchers. Washington struggled to move the ball minus an opening 70yard run by J.D. McKissic. He was caught by OLB C. Truth (#56). The victory didn’t prove much to the doubters except that the Cardinals can beat a bad team.

So, Coach Beast, what went into your decision to resign TE/FB/H-Back Hakeem Butler?

I have BIG plans for Butler but he’s gotta learn the basics of blocking. He’s a big WR that we feel can be a Jimmy Graham type of TE.  To be honest, we have 27 guys on 1-year contracts, 12 starters. These guys have a prime opportunity to build their legacies but this shit is earned in the desert. Butler knows what he’s gotta do.

You were dissatisfied with the LBs and defense last week. How do you feel after the victory over the Washington Football Team?

As a whole, the defense played better than last week. I’m not impressed by the Washington rushing numbers because we did an outstanding job of adjusting throughout the game. Alex has juice and accuracy so the defense keeping Washington under 250yards was nice despite haters.

Cadyn Truth is exploding in the 2nd half of games. What is going on there?

I don’t know. The kid has IT, talent, speed, heart, hustle, he’s our Jevon Kearse. Did you see the kid walk down McKissic on that opening drive? Wow. I don’t think it’s about anything we’re doing with him. The kid studies. HE gets a feel for the way offenses are defending him or ignoring him and makes plays. I can’t explain it. Hell, he stripped Alex in the 1st half but it was called for offsides.

Your passing game is Hopkins heavy right now. How do you spark your run game?

With a true, sincere, REAL commitment to running the damn football. Yes, Kyler has to develop trust with somebody other than Hopkins BUT when Chase Edmonds fumbles on consecutive carries, it cracks ANY chemistry or flow. Kenyon Drake isn’t fast enough to go “outside” so much yet he bounces all the time. The rookie Eno didn’t play because he’s on covid list… That’s on us as coaches. WE aren’t putting players in their best position. We’ll fix that.

The OTHER games… πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

The Raiders played games with the Saints and used them like practice. Coach Joffer used his rookie OLB T. Muse all over the short levels to keep Michael Thomas slants as a 3rd option. His Clemson teammate, Clelin Ferrell, consistently won match-ups vs. stronger, more experienced, all-star OL. Carr operated like surgeon to hold the clock but overall failed on several possessions to get the ball in the endzone. The Raiders are building their defense right now and using the offense to kill clock, grind yards to wear teams down.

JESUS CHRIST!!!! 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 SOMEBODY been simming like MUTHAFUGGA. For non-players, simming means you ONLY play offense and skip defense. It’s cool as heck. Nobody tripping but we damn sho gon laugh! I appreciate his integrity and honesty in gameplay because beating the CPU 77-3, 69-10 is WORSE. Those type of BEATDOWNS screw up the development point system for errrrrybody else. I do wonder if he sweated any. LMAO!

The last two users to play this week so I can’t write a damn thing about either. It is COOL BEANS tho because this is my 4th blog post of “Thanksgiving” and I can work on something else. LMAO. The plans is write on weekends about the league, users, big games and such. We’ll have Games of the Week that MUST be broadcast or something. Yup, your Game of the Week may be against the CPU and you still gotta televise it so if you cheezing, we ALL cheezing witcha. *fist bump* Yooo. Real talk. I’ll work 14 straight days beginning Sunday, Nov. 29th. That means, IF you played by the time I blog, your coach, game, etc. go into the content. If not, cool beans homie but I writing shit on your squad because I work, blog, building a brand, writing my novel, taking yoga certification courses, looking for my first teach-English-remotely gig, tutor my independent tutorial business, push a podcast, gotta non-profit coming with a Sister from Philadelphia AND ya boi got Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis with 4 kids, wife, doing this shit on scheduled time periods. I DO welcome you to add elements, pieces, nuggets, tips on your storyline using the GroupMe app.

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