Gorilla Daddy League: Week 3 Update

An update on the HOTTEST Madden League in all of PS4 with 7 users repping current teams!

Video Introduction to the Gorilla Daddy League

Week 3 snuck up on these user like a mug huh? It’s been 24-hrs and only TWO have played, the dude with the weirdest name of ALL the coaches in NFL history, D’Boiya (pronounced ‘Da-Boy-A’) Beast and the AZ Cardinals welcomed the Lions into the Birdcage of Phoenix and absolutely laid their best defensive performance of the season. The Houston Texans and the hottest offense in the league rode into Pittsburgh and continued to their overwhelming, non-huddle offense like it was the 90s of Oilers and that legendary run-N-shoot attack. *shakes head* DEM cats balling down in Houston and the final score sho looks more interesting than their 58-55, I’m-TOO-busy-to-play-defense, week 2 victory. SOME of these dudes ain’t played a damn game yet but all up in the mix bullshitting and wasting space. *shrugs* Maaaaaan, I gotta say SOME-thing. Maybe by the time NEXT weekend roll around, somebody else will have actually pressed some buttons. Right now… the blog had instructions on joining… boys know there is a blog about the league that is shared… where the damn content? Bout to be time for some Games of the Week so we can expose folks. LMAO but for real tho.

Arizona Cardinals

Defense was the key to the Cardinals victory over Detroit. The final score looked bad but the game was closer. Arizona forced FIVE turnovers, THREE defensive TDs and finished with their 3rd victory of the young season.

CB Byron Murphy returns his INT for a pick-6
MLB N. Dawkins returns the Stafford fumble for a TD

Sparked by the continued improvement of their young stud OLBs, Arizona was all over Matt Stafford despite losing starters all game. Chandler Jones tweaked a knee on the game’s first play and missed the remainder of the contest, several OL missed time and Coach Beast played shuffle board with his substitutions and relied on Kyler Murray to make plays. The Lions were determined to slow D. Hopkins the WR’s streak of 200-yard games ended with a solid 130 yards on 5 catches.

Rookie FS J. Guidry (Utah) returns his 1st career INT for a pick-6

The Lion’s focus on Hopkins allowed the team’s OTHER players to make plays in 1-on-1 situations. Andy Isabella, the team’s fastest offensive player, was schemed again to explode on short routes that led to open fields.

Sophomore WR Isabella scores his 4th TD of the season.

For all the final score appearances, Arizona showed plenty of weaknesses. The offensive line struggles in all faucets of play and often leaves Murray to sacks and several big hits. The kid won’t finish the season taking the shots that he took all game. For the second week, he turned the ball over after big hits and looked shaken on the sideline. Kenyon Drake and Chase Edmonds played much more efficient but their inability to make defenders miss in open fields is slowing the big plays that the team lives on. Patrick Peterson is getting picked on by opposing QBs. Stafford completed 8 of 11 to pass catchers that the former pro bowler is responsible for. Father Time is undefeated and Peterson has not changed his stance on contract demands. Coach Beast wants to the CB to play FS but Peterson has scoffed at the notion. Besides, there is NOBODY on the roster to play starter minutes if Peterson goes FS. Beast knows this but believes Chris’s 6’4 frame and speed can be molded into a Richard Sherman type. Not me. The kid isn’t ready, lacks that Sherman DAWG mentality but in limited minutes, has played well. His 4th quarter pass break up on Amendola resulted in a pick-6 by Guidry.

Gorilla Daddy League Rumor Reports

Harbaugh decision to retire after the Week 2 game shocked the league. Harbaugh walked away to accept a position at Ohio State University and battle his older brother in the Big 1G of college football.

Ravens hire Cody Summers…

Summers is another Texas coach that grew up under the bright lights of high school football and high pressure. “I’m not concerned about X-Factors so much as others. The game comes down to fundamentals, reading a defense, knowing your responsibility, stuff like that.” Summers was at the University of Texas with Duvernay and helped the kid develop into one of college football most feared deep threats. His background is based in RBs and everywhere that he coached, the run improved in year one. “On defensive, it is simple, bend but don’t break. Let the offense control the clock and you don’t have to worry about the defense so much.

Coach Summers chose Duvernay to be his X-Factor with ideas on using 2 speed demons on the outside to stretch defenses while pounding them on the inside.

Mike McDougal promotes new DC in Houston

BUT it didn’t improve much of anything for the Texans. You ask me, it’s about effort, not players, not schemes, not hours, but effort. The Texans aren’t interested playing defense because there is so much faith in scoring the football. They’re averaging damn 600 yards of offense during the 1st 3 weeks of season. Now, the question still hangs over their head, will they GET interested in playing defense or just hope running the Tecmo Bowl playbook vs. CPU makes them efficient vs. users. THAT’S gonna be the thang with them the whole season. Can they use whatever cheesy stuff to beat USERS?

Buffalo Bills replace McDermott

This cat been in the league but ain’t actually participated yet. He did send in a pic of his coach. The OTHER guy, SheEnvyDre ain’t even done that shit OR joined the freaking GroupMe chat. *looks at watch* See, boys be bullshitting.

The homie running the Raiders works 12-hour shifts on weekends. His time will be touch-N-go on weekend advances.

Who Developing What? I See Ya Playa!

The Texans have Watson busting legendary numbers on offense. Watson entered the season as a Superstar so there was no need to make him an X-Factor. Playing like he is, he’ll be an X and 99 by the end of the year.

The Cardinals OLB Cady Truth is doing some awesome too. For a 3rd game, the rookie finished with 4 sacks and turned a TO. Today, his strip-sack of Stafford resulted in a fumble-six and another hit on the Detroit signal caller caused a pick-6. The OLB earned his 1st superstar ability with the Spinner move that allows his use spin moves at an improved level. You gotta be user’ing that dude for a trait like that huh?

Draft News

Upon consideration, the GDL Council (the 3 users with the most interaction) decided to import a college draft class. This gives the league some resemblance of authenticity and realism while allowing boys to focus on getting exactly what/who they want in the first draft. Y’all know those CPU-generated classes are NOT popping so get that shit in while you can! We’ll have draft stories coming sooon based on the actual NCAA season.

RULES & shit for the Gorilla Daddy League

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