4-star Restaurant Review: Pappasito’s Cantina (Shenandoah, TX)

The LAST time we hit Pappasito's in Conroe, TX. I miss those days of regular visits


We always have a great time at Pappasitos. The price tag gives me sticker shock so it takes a celebration, special occasion or someone special to get me to go. For this particular trip, it was the special occasion of meeting friends we hadn’t seen in ages. Our squad ordered HEAVY on seafood (fish tacos, shrimp tacos) and various sets of enchiladas. For comparison sake, fish tacos will leave you feeling full and content while the shrimp tacos are definitely delicious but less actual food size. Of course the restrooms were clean as a whistle and our waitress was very attentive. We were 6 deep and she blazed about while checking on us every 10-15min. Perfect timing because it gave us time to enjoy each other and the meal but making us feel special. Well, if my mug stays filled with cold beer, I always feel special. The enchiladas were crazy cheesy but in a good way. The cheese wasn’t excessive yet you caught some with every bite!


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