5-star Business Review: Escape My Room (New Orleans, LA)

So, we had BIG, crazy, fun at this place in New Orleans. It was 8 of us and we were sooooo close to being kicked out!
Photo of Escape My Room - New Orleans, LA, United States


WHOA!!! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! My squad of six had a great time here. The host played an exceptional character and spoke with accent, dressed in an outstanding garb of tattered clothing and handled our group with ruthless efficiency. By that, I mean that we arrived in the full, splendid glow of hours at the New Orleans Festival. We were kinda rowdy and refused to acknowledge her repeated attempts at offering clues. It was a two-part puzzle. One room required… Hey, wait a minute. Nope, not gonna spoil it for others. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Gotta be quicker than that. Anywho, we solved the first part, with a lot of her help. She spoke to us over an intercom system and warned that she’d be doing so. I’m handicapped and need a walker to get around so the accommodation for me was that if/once we solved the first, she’d let me out the door, walk me to the 2nd room where I’d be waiting when my squad arrived. It went super but we didn’t complete it and ran out of time on the 2nd room. Several times, we were warned about our language and loudness. Eventually, our host said, “I’ve been patient but next warning and we’ll end your appointment early.” She had a point and we understood with malice. At the end, she thanked us and we were ushered out without anyone feelings being hurt. We would have immediately paid for a 2nd run on a different puzzle room but they were packed. Next year tho!



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