That’s The Way I Feel (web series): Episode 2, Season 1

This is preview of Episode 2, Season 1, That's The Way I Feel. The web series explores THRIVING despite Multiple Sclerosis, wellness, health and stress and more.

And now…. *drum roll PLUHLEEEZE* I present the FULL length episode 2 of That’s The Way I Feel. (Click the link!)

What it is & What it do

Introduction video to That’s The Way I Feel

That’s The Way I Feel is a NEW web series that explores the journey towards wellness and normalcy by 2 Kings, Kerry & Kendrick, and a Queen, Jamilah. Both Kings πŸ‘‘ have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, β™Ώ wheelchair bound and deal with the myriad of symptoms in different ways. Kendrick does NOT do Western Medicine, no prescription drugs, no primary physicians or scans. He uses Eastern Medicine and Old World methods of diet, yoga, meditation, water, kratom, cannabis, etc. Kerry and Jamilah have successfully used Western Medicine to slow their disease progression. Each seeks to integrate elements of Eastern Medicine and credits cannabis with key victories over Multiple Sclerosis in the areas of tingling, pain, stress relief and depression. Together, Jamilah in Georgia, Kerry in Florida, Kendrick in Texas, they meet weekly and AS NEEDED to discuss the management of chronic illness, the wins, lessons, growth and effects of being #sickAF yet THRIVING despite Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Ulcerative Colitis, Spondylosis. The 2 Kings and Queen want to send messages to the world that life AFTER diagnosis is the πŸ˜‰ “beautiful side of ugly.” They want others with chronic illness, family responsibilities, financial struggles, loneliness to SEE real people, just like them πŸ’ͺ🏾, THRIVING after diagnosis in multiple ways, multiple faucets, multiple channels. Viewers are welcome to contact hosts via IG, FB or Twitter with questions, testimonials and to appear on episodes.Β  Please SHARE the love & positivity on

Topics aka subject material we’re chopping on…

So, you have the “gist” of That’s The Way I Feel? The premise is that two Kings, Kerry and Kendrick, both diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, will bring viewers, readers and PARTICIPANTS into a round-table discussion over hot topics, sports, health and wellness (Nope, the two are NOT the same!), the relationship between mindset, stress and symptoms, HOW to incorporate elements of Eastern Medicine with Western Medicine, *out of breath* I could do this forever but I think y’all are getting the point, the Kings are bringing you ingredients and tools to improve your knowledge and ability to THRIVE despite Multiple Sclerosis. Their format, language and open opportunity to engage with the audience will hold your attention. Each week, topics are gathered from readers, viewers, family, friends, and the Kings present these topics, discuss the topics and leave the audience with valuable insight from primary sources that are dealing with Multiple Sclerosis at different stages, with various methods and successfully living life after diagnosis.

Gut Health and the connection to Multiple Sclerosis

Gratitude Journals

How WATER is affecting your Multiple Sclerosis. (I know y’all heard about Dr. Sebi huh?)

Vitamins/supplements? What’s working? What didn’t work? Whatcha experimenting with? (Let’s start with Sea Moss.)

Cannabis. Is there a such thing as “recreational” when you have a chronic illness? What is the whole indica, sativa, hybrid, medical strength, etc?

Employment? Any tips, pointers, SOME-thing for the audience?

Da Zoom Out (I mean, we CAN’T cook out sooo… πŸ˜‰)

Da Zoom is our version of a Cook OUT. *wink* Waaaiiiiiit…. You know what I’m talking about right? Get a lil grub together, maybe a snack, something to sip on, grab a chair and post up with the crew while the food is prepared. *duck face* WE ain’t preparing food tho. We ain’t making drinks or pretending to be a bartender. It’s a Zoom, pandemic just outside the doorsteps of everybody that we invite, regardless of state, don’t forget we ALL got Multiple Sclrerosis sooooo yeah. That is what makes this a Zoom Out. We want to bring the energy/inner G of a family Cook Out to a safe, professionally UN-professional setting with participants. Yup, this is where readers, viewers, anybody and ERRRRRYBODY can get down with us. Let’s talk about life outside Multiple Sclerosis and just… you know, feel GOOD together. Family joining us for the Zoom Out (We ALL have Multiple Sclerosis so either you are a Sister of the MS’ster or a Brother of another MS’er. *fist bump & dap*) will share their story of diagnosis and how they’re treating the illness to build our network of testimonials, support and information.

Jamilah is the Queen that brought Kerry and Kendrick together. She runs a bi-weekly Embracing Life Zoom meeting that connects Kings and Queens with any chronic illnesses.

Nkechi is a Queen from Embracing Life. She will give her personal accounts of the bioness device.

The L300 Foot Drop System is a revolutionary medical device that may help you regain mobility and independence. The system’s gait sensor adapts to changes in walking speed and terrain, allowing you to walk easily on stairs, grass and carpet. Comfortably worn under most clothing, the L300 Foot Drop System’s unique design can help you eliminate the need for a rigid ankle-foot orthosis (AFO), or braces, and may reduce the risk of falls and injuries. The price tag? It averages $6000 but can be rented for $500/mo. Medicare does NOT cover the bioness device. Ooooo.

The device is shown here. It is designed to trigger specific nerves in the body that increase mobility and movement.

Dade Kash joins us from IG to discuss his experiences with vision problems relating to the illness and the power of meeting with others, like YOU, in the struggle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Tim joins us a personal friend and interested in the web series. His insight into sports world has the unique perspective of a King.

What’s on my LAST nerve. πŸ˜‘

What’s on my LAST nerve is a pun directed at our illness. Multiple Sclerosis attacks the Central Nervous System; basically, the connection between our brain and body is damaged like a MUG. This section is where participants have the opportunity to vent about the symptoms, stress, issues or WHATEVER is literally working the last nerve left.

And now…. *drum roll PLUHLEEEZE* I present the FULL length episode 2 of That’s The Way I Feel. (Click the link!)

How to reach us for NEXT week’s episode!

To contact us about questions, insight, guest appearances (Remember, you got MS, you are family) reach out to Kerry or Kendrick through social media!

Kerry Donald of the web series
Kerry Donald is a host of the web series That’s The Way I Feel. The series explores life with Multiple Sclerosis.

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Kendrick Avant of the That's The Way I Feel web series
Kendrick Avant is a host of the web series That’s The Way I Feel. The series explores life with Multiple Sclerosis.

Follow Kendrick on IG:

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