Gorilla Daddy League: Week 12, Season 1 (It’s ALL about the Minnesota Vikings)

The update on Week 12 in the Gorilla Daddy League of SuckaFree! This blog is all about the Minnesota Vikings because the user did an amazing job!

OOOOOOOOO DAWG! *fist bump like a MUTHAFUGGA* This is the type of post that could start a damn write off in the league! Coach Brazao dropped an entire post that highlights his team, pictures, storylines and made sure to update his actual team and key positions. Heck, he even gave us real insight into his coach and everything. I am CRAZY IMPRESSED with the effort. Wow. I had to gon tell him, “you win this week for posts but I’m bouncing back on the next update”. I can’t let another user, come through showing off and stomping a mudhole in MY assertion of being the best Madden blogger. *rubs hands* Sooo, Coach, the entire blog post is YOURS. You absolutely deserve it and I’m sure the Minnesota Vikings fans of social media will appreciate THIS specific post.

Minnesota Vikings (ENTIRE post submitted by Coach Brazao!!!)

After the now infamous week 8 post match press conference with coach Brazao, all eyes was set on Easton Stick waiting to see how he respond.

The next match he had would be against the colt with him out dueling his opposing veteran QB Mathew Stafford almost all match. Easton was playing as if he had everything to prove with the game on the line the score is 24 – 28 lions Easton leading his team down the field in a game winning drive. The ball is on the lions 6 yard line he’s line up in shotgun, he snaps the ball his line immediately collapse on him he threw the ball under pressure suspense

The ball in the air its a wobbly one and its picked off that will end the game. The QB ended the match with another set of crucial mistakes which resulted in 2 fumbles and the aforementioned game ending pick.

Coach Brazao was again not happy with the QB turnover problems. The following week stick had a forgettable underwhelming match against the division rival Bears in which he didn’t have to do much. With Dalvin Cook taking over the match and a shutdown defense easily won by the vikings. The coach said “all that matters is that we got the win and he’s focus on the positives of the match”.

After that the cowboys came to Minnesota to give the young Qb his first big test with a dangerous front 7 that took out Dalvin Cook for 5 weeks in the first quarter. Suddenly Stick is now the main vocal point of the offense and he took the role on with ease as he lead his team to victory putting up 3 touchdown and completing 61 percent of his passes and making smart decisions. For the first in a while the coach was happy with what he was seeing from his QB stating “this is what we want from you every week this is what we know you could be continue to get better and you will have a job in this league for a very long time”.

Week 12 mark the first week Easton Stick heading into the match knowing he will be the number one option on offense and the opponent being prepared to stop him instead of his stud running back Dalvin Cook.

The QB lit up the match more than the stat line shows with efficient passes that picked apart the panthers defense which opened up the defense to the running game that lead to Alexander Mattison first career 100 yard rushing game with 2 touchdown.

The coach after the match “I am elated with how Easton took up the role of being the number 1 option he’s starting to show solid growth that’s a result of how hard he is working making the extra effort to get better. He has the team and the staff behind him we all want him to succeed and we will do everything in our power to put him in a position to do so”.

With 5 weeks left in the regular season can Easton Stick continue to improve and make the vikings head coach a easy decision to keep him. With Dalvin Cook still out for 3 more weeks the ball will be in the QB hands to make the most of it.

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