Kendrick Avant 4-star Hotel Review: Embassy Suites by Hilton, The Woodlands at Hughes Landing

This photo is taken from the site’s photos! Waaaaaay too cold.

Yuuup. We are going back and going back SOON. We came on Christmas and stayed for a few days on the solo couple, STAYcation tip. Great decision. We felt safe right away because the staff was gloved up, masked up. When we got in the HANDICAP-ACCESSIBLE room, the tv remotes were in plastic.  Next, the complimentary breakfast was REAL.

This photo is taken from the site’s photos. I forgot every morning trying to grub. We took ours in go-to bags.

We went downstairs, put in orders, omelettes with all the ‘fixings’, French toast sticks and skillet fried potatoes. Yooo. #Popping! Not to brag but the apple juice was good too, fresh, cold, straw with cap. Loved it. Every evening, we hit the lobby for 2 drinks apiece and slid right into the room. Now, there was the negative, the room. The bed was uncomfortably soft. I never sleep longer than a couple of hours. The room temperature was painfully cold. It started at 70Β° and when we  left 48hrs later, heater running, the temperature was 76Β°. Not cool but it had its uses.

This photo is taken from the site’s photos.

The water in the sinks took FOREVER to hot. The bathwater got hot but washing hands, washing face, brushing teeth was cold. Burrrrrrr! *looking around* Yoo. I get that hotels don’t us (PAYING customers) to watch anything FREE in their establishments. It’s WACK but I get it, they need money. Cool beans BUT to give us ONLY DirectTV live is sooooo 1990s-ish. No Netflix, Hulu, Roku, anything. THEN have the nerve to set up tv’s so you can’t even hook up your OWN darn shows… *sniff* THAT hurt. Live TV only? Really? 2020? Booooo!!!

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