That’s The Way I Feel (web series): Episode 3

This is preview of Episode 3, That's The Way I Feel. The web series explores THRIVING despite Multiple Sclerosis, wellness, health and stress and more.

Next Episode is LIVE on Friday, 1/8/2021 at 7pm CST

What it is & What it do

Introduction video to That’s The Way I Feel

That’s The Way I Feel is a NEW web series that explores the journey towards wellness and normalcy by 2 Kings, Kerry & Kendrick, and a Queen, Jamilah. Both Kings šŸ‘‘ have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, ā™æ wheelchair bound and deal with the myriad of symptoms in different ways. Kendrick does NOT do Western Medicine, no prescription drugs, no primary physicians or scans. He uses Eastern Medicine and Old World methods of diet, yoga, meditation, water, kratom, cannabis, etc. Kerry and Jamilah have successfully used Western Medicine to slow their disease progression. Each seeks to integrate elements of Eastern Medicine and credits cannabis with key victories over Multiple Sclerosis in the areas of tingling, pain, stress relief and depression. Together, Jamilah in Georgia,  Kerry in Florida, Kendrick in Texas,  they meet weekly and AS NEEDED to discuss the management of chronic illness, the wins, lessons, growth and effects of being #sickAF yet THRIVING despite Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Ulcerative Colitis, Spondylosis. The 2 Kings and Queen want to send messages to the world that life AFTER diagnosis is the šŸ˜‰ “beautiful side of ugly.” They want others with chronic illness, family responsibilities, financial struggles, loneliness to SEE real people, just like them šŸ’ŖšŸ¾, THRIVING after diagnosis in multiple ways, multiple faucets, multiple channels. Viewers are welcome to contact hosts via IG, FB or Twitter with questions, testimonials and to appear on episodes.  Please SHARE the love & positivity on

Topics aka subject material we’re chopping on…

Heads up! The topics we cover come from our personal, individual bank of concerns and questions. However, SOME of these come directly from the people, the few, the proud, the #sickAF (like me) and anybody else dealing with chronic illness.


Let’s hit the high spots, low spots and right spots. How does Multiple Sclerosis affect your sex life? What are you doing to maintain an adequate *ahem* level of intimacy? Have medicines improved your situation? Have hobbies and self-improvement made any impact on your personal urges? What WORKS when you trying to fulfill those carnal needs? It’s an infinite number of directions and areas we could roll with a discussion over Multiple Sclerosis and sex. How far down the “rabbit hole” we venture is anybody’s guess.


When did you tell your family about your diagnosis? Better yet, HOW did you tell your people? We each drop those dimes, at different times, so this episode is trying to align is what else we hiding. I don’t tell people about specific symptoms because I KNOW they’ll freak out, freak me out and that is no good. *scratching head* Of course, if they ASK, *shrugs*, it’ll probably depend on the nature of our relationship.  I’m being honest. That goes with HOW I treat myself too. Everyone does things differently but are YOU doing what’s best for YOU? *wagging finger* Yeeeaaaa… THAT may be the central question or theme here. šŸ¤”


The people closest to you can body slam your disabled ass with their words, accusations and piss poor, body language that screams, “I don’t believe you.” I’ve been there several times. It hurts EVERYTIME but what steps have you taken to alleviate that stress? You shouldn’t have it. Healing is hard enough but what are YOU doing to counsel your emotions, slow the negative energy that feeds on stress? How do you insulate yourself to prevent their harmful words and actions? ESPECIALLY when you’re learning to differentiate WHO is necessary, integral to your growth and wellness. *rubs hands* I’m ALWAYS working on this element!

Da Zoom Out (It’s like a Cook Out but with Zoom and you stay at YOUR place)

Da Zoom is our version of a Cook OUT. *wink* Waaaiiiiiit…. You know what I’m talking about right? Get a lil grub together, maybe a snack, something to sip on, grab a chair and post up with the crew while the food is prepared. *duck face* WE ain’t preparing food tho. We ain’t making drinks or pretending to be a bartender. It’s a Zoom, pandemic just outside the doorsteps of everybody that we invite, regardless of state, don’t forget we ALL got Multiple Sclrerosis sooooo yeah. That is what makes this a Zoom Out. We want to bring the energy/inner G of a family Cook Out to a safe, professionally UN-professional setting with participants. Yup, this is where readers, viewers, anybody and ERRRRRYBODY can get down with us. Let’s talk about life outside Multiple Sclerosis and just… you know, feel GOOD together. Family joining us for the Zoom Out (We ALL have Multiple Sclerosis so either you are a Sister of the MS’ster or a Brother of another MS’er. *fist bump & dap*) will share their story of diagnosis and how they’re treating the illness to build our network of testimonials, support and information.

Michael from Florida

Tee from Texas

How to join us and participate

If you’re interested in participating, all you gotta do is reach out!

Contact the podcast!

IG: @thats_the_way_I_feel_podcast

Pinterest: @thats_the_way_I_feel

YouTube: That’s The Way I Feel

Contact Jamilah

Jamilah is a host of the web series/podcast That’s The Way I Feel. The trio explore life with Multiple Sclerosis and she host an independent Zoom group over embracing life with chronic illnesses..

IG: @lifeunperfect

Contact Kendrick

Kendrick Avant of the That's The Way I Feel web series
Kendrick Avant is a host of the web series/podcast That’s The Way I Feel. The trio explore life with Multiple Sclerosis.

IG: @Multiple_Sclerosis_Outlaw

Contact Kerry

Kerry Donald of the web series
Kerry Donald is a host of the web series/podcast That’s The Way I Feel. The trio explore life with Multiple Sclerosis.

IG: @spicemankmd

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