Gorilla Daddy League: Week 2, Season 2. Newbies busting heads in here!

ALL the old heads falling. *straight face* Yup, I KNEW it was bad when Autumn Wind lost a consecutive game. In the world of Gorilla Daddies and video games, he is the upper echelon of opponent. He don’t lose twice, to one user, in a row. At least he didn’t. It looks like the Super Bowl is perched up high in Baltimore and the final score between the two kinda solidified my thought. Flu was crushed again. New user tho. The AZ Cardinals were down by 3 TDs to Seattle until garbage time. It’s getting ugly out there in dem football fields and white lines.

Arizona’s Gameplan

The Cardinals decision to trade multiple SUPERSTARS was terrifying to most teams and a blessing to three. It was a clear indication that Arizona was desperate to move the stars and open up cap space for the future. Coach D’Boiya Beast started his career with a perfect season but fell in the NFC Championship to a well coached Vikings team built on overall team strength. That defeat led to ownership going full throttle with Beast’s vision, run game, speed to scare defenders and a defense that fields 11 starters running sub-4.5.

Hopkins goes to finish his HOF worthy in New England. Arizona had a 1st round offer from the Ravens but declined citing, “Dem mugs already good. I don’t want to help THEM get any damn better.”

Why Tennessee? “They offered picks in THIS year’s draft. We want kids now to grow and compete because we playing the looooong game.”

Jones forced his way out after failed contract extension talks.

The loss of talent affects Arizona in the most obvious ways.

Russell Wilson led the Seahawks to the most points team history. DK Metcalf torched the Arizona over and over.

It was defense. Schemes, players, everything went down in a hurry. Chandler Jones’ presence on the D-line forced offenses to handle him as the premier threat. Now, T’s are helped with chips and blocking HBs that keep last year’s defensive MVP, Cadyn Truth, stuck on the outside looking in. In addition, ROLB sophomore Isaiah Simmons’ injury & RDE Hassan Reddick strain means nobody is proven opposite his X-Factor skillset. It was all on display in Game 2 as Seattle beat the snot out of the Benjamin Button Cardinals.

With a full starting O-line and preseason hype on their side, Arizona entered on a 17 game, regular season winning streak. Fans were excited about the new, less QB-centric attack. 2nd round pick Trey Lance was given the keys and promptly was demolished!

The running game was SUPPOSED to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Game one, Arizona rushed for 400+ yards. Game 2 was the proof that scheme does not always trump the CPU. Wilson was automatic was the Cardinals blitzes. Lance was a rookie, sacks, safety, missed open hot routes.

Ragas exploded for a GDL rushing record of 400 but Seattle was up so quick, so consistent that the Arizona run game was abandoned

How to be our 8th user!

Basically, READ the freaking rules and hit me up on something, FB, IG, Tw, whatever. My PSN is Levar_Chase. We only need a NFC South user. Any team but gotta be NFC South.

League Rules and Stuff…

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