6 NATURAL remedies for Multiple Sclerosis bladder issues

I do 5 things every day to alleviate all the bladder and stomach pressure associated with MS, constipation, etc. 5 everyday and 1 when necessary.
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I’ve BEEN meaning to drop these NEW Multiple Sclerosis related posts for about a month. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ Ya boi crazy busy compared to last year and keeping any kind of consistency with blogging, sharing, social media is flat out falling off. Waaaaay off. *straight face* It’s NOT that I slowed down with my hunt for wellness. Quite the contrary homie. I improved my wellness, improved my schedule and adherence to routines, improved my overall being. If y’all thought I was positive, grateful and inspiring before 2021, hold my water because I’m getting better and BETTER at life with Multiple Sclerosis.

How? πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎπŸ–€πŸ€΄πŸΎ GREAT question! Really tho, thanks. I needed a good segway into the main course of blog topics.

I’m having BMs almost daily. Like for real. legit bowel movements, the kind where you feel better, lighter, faster. Yeah, those kinds. I’ll never get tired of it. When I go tinkle winkle, *winks*I actually urinate. Before all this stuff, everything I’m about to share, I had a mmmnnnn, *makes 50/50 hand sign* 25-35% chance of nothing coming out. Blank. Empty. I’d be there pushing, head hurting, eyes bulging but not a drop. It would feel like something was coming, sensation, pressure but nope, not a drop. Now? Now, I go pee all the time. Yup, it can be trifling having to use ‘make water’ 2-3x per hour but it works. I’d rather go too much than deal with the pain of not being to go or the stress of thinking you have to go. Combine BOTH of these, peeing and boo boo’ing, my whole, entire, life is less stressed. I have more patience, less pain, less cramping, less headaches, less shaking, less tripping on getting to a RR because I know what’s coming and when it is coming. *slow head nod* My plumbing has been on point. I’ve been bragging on the MS channels and chronic illness sites that I frequent and offering advice but another MS’er flat out asked me, “Dude. What exactly are you doing to be so consistent with the RR and bladder stuff?

1. ) Pescatarian Diet <–that’s the blog link right there *taps screen* – I’m a Pescatarian since 3/1/2017, no turkey, no pork, no chicken, no cow, none of the land animals I grew up grubbing on. Fish and seafood are my “meats” and I’m in love with vegetables. Lost weight and a bunch of good stuff. All that set the backdrop for the other steps.

2.) WATER – 120oz. I need, at least, 120oz every day to keep the pipes oiled and lubed up. Yes, I know 120oz because I’ve done enough experiments with 100oz, 110oz. I gots to get that whole 120oz for maximum efficiency with everything else I just wrote of. It works best if it’s all alkaline water but I’m not balling like that yet. I get filtered water and squeeze lemon or lime juice in it. (SO WHAT! *bucks at you* I deserve good water that tastes good too.) I’ve played with the copper water too. Copper water? You aren’t familiar? It’s when you leave some water in a copper mug overnight or for a few hours, let that copper kinda infuse the water and drink it. According the legends and myths, this is supposed to be big time beneficial to the body, natural anti-bacterial, boost the immune system, great for heart and brain. Yoo, I don’t know about ALL those claims but I do feel strongly that it helped my bowel movements too. I read another health blogger and he said the same thing, it had him dropping bombs in the bathroom. I stopped because I swear I can taste that metallic taste in my mouth. Not only that, I taste it for hours after. Hell, I sorta taste that right now! So, no. Just 120oz of water every day.

3.) Yoga – I started yoga liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike…. *thinking face* Spring 2019. I found some videos for yoga and wheelchair users on Youtube and took off. 2 years later, I’ve added over 50 poses and several of them are dedicated to improving the muscles, nerves, body parts that pee pee and boo boo. Yup, they work. They didn’t work at first and I just knew it was some health guru bullshit. It ain’t. Yoga works. Yoga works for bladder and stomach issues.

4.) Smoothies <–that’s the blog link right there *taps screen* – I’m constantly praising that Sweet Potato Smoothie. All of them are good, tastes go up and down but the only one I really, REALLY stick to is the Sweet Potato Smoothie. That mug produces a bowel movement within an hour. I don’t need it daily. I only take it when I’ve been messing up my water intake and the plumbing slows to a painful crawl.

5.) Probiotic – The claim is their product will help improve gut health, immune health and occasional constipation relief. I’m saying I wasn’t as consistent before probiotics as I am ON probiotics. Yes, yup, yeah and yaay. I take it every day.

6.) QUIT sugar, gluten and alcohol – *long breathe* This one is a doooooozy. I quit the sugar, gluten and alcohol at my Queen’s insistence. “Just try it.” she said. *mocking woman voice* “Write a blog post about how you feel and if it helped. People will want to know stuff like that. Is it worth it?” *raises hand* I did a 17-day trial of it and after 4 or 5 days, I felt incredible. Energy was through the roof but using the RR was more consistent as well. I thought I was tripping until I dove into drinking again and the effects were immediately noticeable. Not only did the RR trips dry up but the cramps and pain went into high gear. *shakes head* I’m about 7 days into #nosugar, #nogluten, #noliquor lifestyle for a 3rd time and yup, it is working.

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