Gorilla Daddy League: Week 8, Season 2 – Division Leaders

Week 8 in Gorilla Daddy and lets look at the users in each division. SNAP. Gotta another FULL piece published by Coach Brazao and the Vikings!

DAWG. I can’t lie. It soooo much easier to drop regular posts over the content of Gorilla Daddy League when somebody else sending in stories and stuff. It makes me step my own game and consistency up. I appreciate TF outta that. #Boom Here. We. Go.

AFC East

Buffalo Offense 11

Buffalo Defense 20

AFC South

Houston Offense 2

Houston Defense 30

AFC West

Oakland Offense 6

Oakland Defense 28

AFC North

Ravens Offense 5

Ravens Defense 1st

NFC East

Washington Offense 3

Washington Defense 8th

NFC West

Cardinals Offense 1

Cardinals Defense 10

NFC North

Vikings Offense 4

Vikings Defense 23

The Bounce Back Game (written and produced by Coach himself, NOT me.)

After the terrible lost against the Bears Willson takes center to redeem him VS. the Cowboys. He didn’t disappoint bringing his best with a stat line 331 yards, 2 touchdowns and 0 interception. John Ross reminding the league that he is also a threat in such a talented receiver core the Cowboys defense did not know who to cover as they were looking lost as if they were a bunch of pre school kids playing against their older brother’s team. Defense hearing their criticism they stepped big time holding the Cowboys offense to only 14 points which was all in garbage time and getting 3 picks on the day.

Another disappointing lost.

Coach Brazao on the lost. “We are trying to find a grove, find our consistency the guys are working hard to get there doing it the right way, yes I can cheese but it doesn’t feel right it’s not in me to exploit certain area it doesn’t make you get any better. Our offense didn’t do their jobs today and it left our defense in no man’s land we have to do better taking care of the ball. We need to turn this season around before its too late.”

Share the ball.

That was the mantra today as the Vikings took on the Lions as seven different receivers left with a reception and at least 6 of those with 3 I think it worked out great. The offensive showing the boys in purple had today if they can reproduce that every week no one will be able to beat them. Even though they won the match there is still question about the Vikings was today showing a product of playing against a bad team or is there something more to it. We won’t have to wait long as they take on super bowl reigning champion in a superbowl rematch next week.

The coach on his tough match next week. “We need to go out there and play hard, this is a dangerous team that has a legit coach who I have respect for in the way he takes care how business. Like the saying goes to be the best you have to beat the best and right now he is the best in the league. That is what we plan to do we have to fight for it, time to see how much heart our team has.”

“HEART” the better team won but they didnt give up.

Heartbreaking defeat to the Baltimore Ravens coach Brazao after the match. “First thing first I will like to congratulate coach Summers he’s one hell of a coach much respect my man. I can’t take anything away from you and your team. You guys are all business no BS type of team and I like that it helps me to be better. To my team we played hard and we fought harder the score does not tell the story of what we was able to do today.”

The Vikings defense stepped up big-time today apart from the two highly contested catches the raven offense was held in check for the better part of the match. Everyone was getting involved switching looks and coverage and bring pressure from different direction it was a valiant effort. The ravens team had alot of heart too, as they fought. and claw their way for every yard they had. Where other teams would of fall to such a tough defense they showed why they are the champs as the aim to repeat.

The offense could of played better as they were curse with drops and over throws one coming in the end zone. Make the team wonder if they will be good enough to get it done but there was some flashes today that showed promise in this young offense not to give up hope. This takes nothing away from the Ravens as they did not make it easy on the viks offense putting the QB on pressure all match and making it hell for the receivers to run routes. Its crazy how good their team are right now.

How to be our 8th user!

Basically, READ the freaking rules and hit me up on something, FB, IG, Tw, whatever. My PSN is Levar_Chase. We only need a NFC South user. Any team but gotta be NFC South (Bucs, Saints, Falcons or Panthers).

League Rules and Stuff…

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