MS Outlaws – Battling Chronic Illness and Pursuing New Outcomes

The goal is a non-profit that provides each participant with a nutrionist AND full year supply of vitamins, supplements and anti-fungus products to treat Multiple Sclerosis. FIRST, I gotta prove it will work by doing it myself and I need help. *fist bump* Y'all KNOW I accept shares too!

GoFundMe Page for the MS Outlaws

Battling Chronic Illness and Pursuing New Outcomes 

We are two 40 something year olds living with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS). The National MS Society website describes this form of MS as “characterized by worsening neurological function (accumulation of disability) from the onset of symptoms, without early relapses or remissions.” It is rare to be living with this kind of MS at such young ages. 

Introducing Julie, 47 years old living with PPMS. She began experiencing symptoms when she was 36 years old and was diagnosed with PPMS by the age of 38. She met my husband shortly before her symptoms began, and were married a year and a half before she was diagnosed. They have been married for 10 years now, and she says…”I’m thankful for his love, support, and our life together, but I know this is not the marriage, or the life, either of us had in mind.” Her professional career was upended nearly the same time she was diagnosed, as her symptoms became too much to cope with. She has been in a wheelchair and a diaper for the last 6 years. “This is not the life I envisioned as a young lady growing up, and I’m not ready to go down without a fight! I’ve done my research, and I’m asking for your help to try something different.” 

My name is Kendrick, and I am 42 years old living with PPMS. I began experiencing symptoms as early as high school, but nothing significantly identifiable until the age of 37. My ability to walk had become so impaired, it prompted a visit to the neurologist where I was diagnosed with PPMS. My wife and I originally met in college, but I wasn’t lucky enough to start dating her until I was 25. We were married by the time I was 27, and four beautiful kids later, we are gratefully navigating parenthood and MS together. My teaching career came to an abrupt halt shortly before my diagnosis, as my symptoms were too severe to return to the classroom. My positions as a husband and a father are the most important roles I play, and I’m always aware of the limitations having PPMS, and being in a wheelchair, have placed on me. I’ve learned to practice Gratitude and I’m emotionally happier than ever, however, my physical symptoms continue to plague me. I want to challenge this disease with everything I have, for the sake of me and my family! This is why I’m asking for your help to try something different. 

For many years, people have been researching the benefits of good nutrition and a healthy diet for MS, and other chronic diseases. There are books, and websites, that offer help navigating the various protocols to help manage MS symptoms. Many of these methods claim to offer real physical improvements for those living with MS. It can be very exciting and hopeful, as an MS patient or family member, to learn alternative methods for better health may be available. It can also be overwhelming, because there is SO much information it often becomes discouraging to sort through without professional help. In addition, the price tag to follow such regiments is very often out of reach. 

Our health insurance, and for that matter no one’s health insurance, will cover the cost of such plans. These costs can include consultations with certified nutritionists, lab tests (also NOT covered by health insurance), vitamins, and nutritional supplements. Not to mention, eating healthier can also come with a higher cost at the grocery store when buying organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed meats, cage free eggs, etc. 

If there is truly hope available, then we MUST find a way to make it happen. Hope cannot be out of reach. This is why we need your help

We are committed to improving our health and lives. We are both married, with families, and the financial burden to us, and our families, for such a program is too much to bear alone. We are ready to try something different than what traditional medicine has offered in hopes of a different result! We are done following the rules of MS! Hence, we have dubbed ourselves the original MS Outlaws! 

But, we need your help to truly take up the fight!!

Our goal is to raise $5,000 per person in order to get started. We will work with a board certified nutrition professional through NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals) – someone we trust who has extensive knowledge and personal experience with those dealing with MS. We will also provide personal progress reports via blogs on a website we will make available in the near future. It is important to us that 

Our donors and others can follow our progress. 

Hopefully, we will pave the way for others and be able to offer inspiring stories of hope! We humbly ask you to please consider giving to our cause. We thank you in advance for any contribution you can give, and we are hopeful your investment yields priceless returns in our lives, our families’ lives, and provides real hope for others living with MS, and other chronic diseases.

GoFundMe Page for the MS Outlaws

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