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allthingsonelove 5-star Movie Review: Malcolm & Marie (Netflix, 2021)

Why I gave it a chance…

I’m a fan of anything Zendaya does. Back on Disney, she was my son’s first crush. (He won’t admit it but his sisters used to smash him with Zendaya jokes so I know it’s true.) I watched her do the spy thing in K. C. Cooper and generally considered it a cool, family show. I couldn’t wait for her to play Mary Jane in the new Spider-Man movies. Then, she dropped that Euphoria and skyrocketed up my list. Wow. John David Washington is fast riser for me too. Ballers was authentic than a mug and he played his role so incredibly well. I dove into BlacKkKlansman and although I haven’t seen Tenet, I have it at the crib. These two together was the all the curiosity I needed to chase it down on Netflix.

I don’t wanna ruin anything so…

Let me start with this, somebody should have died. The slugs and venom they launched at each other was nothing short of an amazingly, professional onslaught of emotional abuse. *steps back* That stuff was awful. Wow. Whoa. Traumatic. Disturbing. Two people taking turns, noting each other’s points and counterpoints, carefully placing memories that support their point of distress, that was crazy. The whole movie. It was unrelenting, bathtub, kitchen, hallway. Everywhere they went, they’re either arguing or setting each other for a dynamite, sneak attack.

Final Thoughts & Grade


I’m going with a low A, 90-92. The movie kept us interested with the constant arguing  on an intelligent and poetic foundation. I sincerely learned new words and have increased my vocabulary. They fired such effective, nasty and direct insults that we actually stopped to research words. That kind of knowledge impacts final ranking.

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