Gratitude Journal Day #146: Friday, 2/26/21

Y'all better NOT be out there sacrificing your mental health, financial security, future plans or WELLNESS for nobody. The more you care for YOU, the more you'll get shit done for others but this Friday is YOUR Friday.

Oh SNAP am I grateful it’s Friday! I totally forgo to add my Crunk Talk 146. Well, it’s Friday annd…

3.) Yoga Mats – I rarely use them anymore. *makes muscle* BUT when I do, they make a huuuge difference in the booty, body and effort. Nothing like having a little cushion under your pushing. I do MORE poses than I planned when I have a mat and generally feel better than I hoped by DOING the yoga.

2.) Jewelry – *puts TWO chains around his neck* Tell me having some jewelry on don’t affect your mindset. I will point out and holler, “LIES!!!” I am more “Gangsta” with jewelry on. Even if I’m just sporting pajamas, I get more #energy and feel more calm.

1.) BREAKFAST! – *duckface* I do NOT apologize! πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎπŸ€£

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Why keep a Gratitude Journal at all? (This is the saaaaaame intro for every Gratitude Journal entry. It’s here for the newbies to the journey.)

I try to start everyday with a Grateful heart. *duck face* Potna, I ain’t lying. You can check my IG accounts Queen/King. I get a lil raunchy on the Multiple_Sclerosis_Outlaw but I’m calmer, gentle with allthingsonelove. On both, I start my day sharing Gratitudes, stories of Gratitude and anything related to being Grateful. I’m dead ass serious about my Gratitudes because it keeps me present and accountable for my own energy. I recognize and appreciate the actions, words and energy of others intending me good. By starting my day with Gratitude, I have less MS pain, MS symptoms and MS depression because I’m actively pushing my thoughts towards a positive direction of Gratitude. My relationships with others are stronger because my Grateful ass notices what others do for me, to me, WITH me. *bows* I could go on and on and on and on about the benefits of being purposefully grateful buuuuuut… *whispers* Pssst, you know I wrote about it…



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