Gratitude Journal Day #150: Tuesday, 3/2/21

My Tribe is family, friends, readers, social media people and anybody rocking an incurable illness. I add and delete as necessary because the whole point is being "around" folks that match and mesh with MY energy/Inner G.

What I’m GRATEFUL about today…

3.) Wrote another personal blog post. This one on Gratitude Journals.

You want the link now? *clutches heart* Oh, thank you for even thinking it, asking it, whatever, just THANK YOU. I’m trying to get back to blogging deep and regular. I’m trying to blend my Gratitude Journal with a “diary” because I want to give more to readers, share more with my Tribe. It’s a process and I’m aware. I don’t tell anyone to write as I write. All I tell folks is to START. Use a good ol’ notebook and pen (I have). Buy one (My homegirl sent me my first Gratitude Journal). Use social media (I did that too.). Turn it into a blog (*duck face*). Just start. It tracks your #energy and makes you accountable.

4 Things about the Gratitude Journal

2.) Got my first PCP visit since 3/1/2017 – *Arsenio Hall’s ‘Roo! Roo! Roo!* It has been 4 years since I’ve seen my Primary Care Physician. During those four years, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about myself, healthcare vs. wellness, diet, lifestyle, my gosh. My dreams and highest hopes lay OUTSIDE the United States based on these four years of no healthcare. I’m not getting MRIs or anything big. Ya boi is just going for a check-up and *praying hands* to get this 16-page, American Disabilities Act document signed so I can get accommodations at work.

1.) Montgomery County called with the utilities assistance program – #Wooosah homie. I needed some help with that electric bill. Like, really, NEEDED help. Those news reports about electricity bills in Texas are true, scary stuff. ESPECIALLY, for people like me who are dependent on maintaining a level of temperature control.

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