3 things about work-from-home, remote Customer Service jobs…

I waited SIX months to write a review of the work-from-home gig. *sigh* Everything in life has ups and downs but sometimes, is it worth it?

I’m not gon lie y’all. The work-from-home gig is hella stressful. In all my careers and jobs, this mug is the one closest to the classic, Office Space. (Don’t worry, I’ll explain as we get into it.)

The Good…

I’m building my positivism so I try to remember to start with the GOOD news and GOOD things. First on that list is the pay. I start at $15.00/hour, minimum wage is $7.25. Yup, I’m happy and grateful about it. I worked as a substitute teacher and this is better, much better. I get that little bit of extra moolah AND some insurance. What kind? It’s just a preventative services ONLY plan but it’s the first insurance I’ve had since 3/1/2017. Queen, kids and myself all covered with generic prescriptions, dental, vision and specialists. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ Another positive is the steady stream of bonuses through overtime and attendance. I got the first one but put myself in a week long ‘relapse’ chasing it. πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ The best thing about work-from-home is the opportunity to meet people, socialize and be an adult. As a disabled person, I don’t get out, go out and rarely hang out. I’ve gone about 2 years without a reliable, consistent J-O-B which means for 2 years, I’ve lacked any real shots at making friends. It was an overlooked fact that didn’t mean much until I realized how lonely I was. Sure, my house is full but that is different from talking to peers and discussing adult topics. I have it now. Friends and associates are relationships I’m cultivating towards joining my extended Tribe. We even chop, trip and make plans outside of work which makes it even cooler!

The Bad…

Ooooooo. Where do I start? *duck face* I’m serious. Where do I start with the BAD? Should I tell y’all about the excessive number of supervisors that send demanding messages and inquire into your actions by threats?

That scene where they JUMPED the printer because it was always jamming? TPS reports? OMG!!!!

A la Office Space and TPS reports. They’re not even YOUR assigned supervisor! Noooope, no introduction at all either, you receive a Microsoft Teams message full of questions and demands. Then, a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th will send the same, identical message, same threats, same questions but separated by 15min waits. πŸ™„ You’re probably wondering if we/I/employees are behind on work or not paying attention. *sucks teeth* I pay attention homie. Supervisors will send those trifling messages hours AFTER the incident! You can be on a call, actually working and supervisors demand you do something, sign something, review something or explain something. It is sooooo nerve-wrecking. I bet it is the biggest reason for our staggeringly, high turnover amongst employees. People come and go with the quickness around here, checks are short, checks are late, so many supervisors harping on identical stuff, poorly organized, a H/R Department that doesn’t return calls or emails, shall I continue? I have to take OFF work, to have my PCP (Primary Care Physician to you normies. *winks*) fulfill a required 16-page document, just to get simple shit like a wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse. It really is that bad but….


The entire, doggone establishment is overrun with people of favor and lacking the basic communication skills or knowledge to adequately do their job. Don’t believe me do you? In training, you are constantly reminded that trainers will select who leaves the class, with favor, based on THEIR analysis, test scores and attendance. It took 6 months, 2 supervisors, 4 H/R representative and an “executive of operations” to find my American Disabilities Act Coordinator. SIX MONTHS! Supervisors answer questions differently or admit to not knowing a damn thing but never saying they will find an answer for you. The demands placed on you get ridiculously trivial. Liiiiiiiiike… πŸ€”πŸ€” Employees must track their individual break times and lunch times. If anything goes over, you are docked or receive infractions that add up to termination. I’m disabled so that really, REALLY affects my timing, breaks and ability to even break at all because I’m surrounded and compromised with cords. 😬πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­ I’d LOVE an accommodation since I qualify for ADA protections in 4 or 5 ways but that’s when crappy leadership and nasty organization KILL my vibe and intentions. Training? TRAINING?! Yoo, *dramatic whistle* WORST I HAVE EVER BEEN THROUGH! Trainers and training are very different in the wide world of work-from-home. Training is awful because the trainers are former agents, not educated or trained in training others. SOME trainers kept their humanity and try to help. Most trainers don’t see it as their responsibility and treat the class and students as such. There will be NO changes, fixes, alternative teaching methods, various manners of checking for understanding, multiple ways for employees to prove their readiness, NONE of that. I’ve had a trainer that sent me extra stuff to study and prep for employment tests. I’ve had a trainer give me daily changes so I can handle my handicaps, disabilities and Multiple Sclerosis. That is a grand total of TWO. The others? πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜ Dem trainers ain’t studden us nor are they affected by the written judgements and evaluations of their students. One threatened my job over me going to the restroom at different time than he scheduled. Five ignored my emails and messages about a disability period. (BOY! Several of us openly complained, H/R met with us and not a damn thing changed.) All that poor quality of leadership is MY biggest issue but many employees have quit or STILL complaining about incorrect paychecks. I’ve had it happen once but it was corrected. Money is taken from checks for equipment but the agreed/stated time period is longer than what was signed. Example huh? We sign up understanding there a one time, $90.00 equipment fee, paid over 6 weeks, but some employees paid it two or three as long as others! WTF. Messing up folks’ paycheck is a surefire way birth disgruntled employees.

So, would I recommend this job?

My FINAL grade for this job is a C-. That means, it passes but BARELY. The sheer amount of stress is breathtakingly awful. Stress is climbing and clawing at you from all sides because I haven’t mentioned the calls or people that call in. I left them out on purpose because in my opinion, that’s the LEAST of your concerns. At worst, is NOT I’m cursed at or belittled. Oh no Playa, plenty of someones attempt to solve the American Racial Divide with me as their thinking map. πŸ˜‘ The WORST thing about THIS job is the daily interaction with callers, supervisors aren’t answering your direct requests for help with said caller and then you’re reprimanded for the freaking call. C- man. I’d go lower but I won’t because my perspective includes meeting people and cherishing that double-the-mininum-wage employment.

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  1. Man, you sound stressed-out. I’m glad that you seem to be handling it. Keep us posted on how things (ie: job) are going, and I hope the job gets better as time goes by.

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