Gratitude Journal Day #156:
Sunday, 3/7/21

You're wondering what my goals are? I can tell you and I'll leave instructions to the FULL blog post. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎ 1. No alcohol from 3pm - Friday 9pm 2. Complete a full week of work 3. Finish Skin Game (book 15 of 17, Dresden Files) Reward? Epsom salt bath.

New week. New goals. Stronger mindset. It starts with YOU. Let me get on my Gratitudes because you know what I’m about.

3.) The energy I got all weekend was healing for my soul – The weekend wasn’t even about me. The Tribe came physically together, for the first time in years, to celebrate the Born Day of a King. 2 of our Tribesmen are professional cooks and it showed throughout the festivities by the number of food choices, amount of every prepared dish and *eyebrows raised* the high quality of food choices. I’m talking seafood, crawfish, fresh fruits, damn me granola. Dawg, everytime I ate, I felt better. I ate ALL weekend. We played Taboo and tripped out on each other’s guesses and participation. Personally, I always feel like a mob BOSS because I’m surrounded by Kings and Family, boys make sho I’m straight and the atmosphere screams love. Then, out of nowhere, a Sister said to me, “Bro. I feel like I’m hanging with a movie star because I watch your Gratitude talk, getting my Gratitude Journal coming and I’m on edge waiting to read your first doctor’s exam.

ME? *bows* I was on high for the rest of the freaking night! I came into the weekend with MS-related issues. I wake up Sunday with my heart soaring and my mind calm because the weekend.

2.) Saw old homies for the FIRST time in years – YEARS. The Kings have stories of their past mistakes, close calls and growth. I felt like everybody had something positive boiling and bubbling. Everybody’s updates came with detailed plans for handling what was holding them back. Nobody wasted time with assumptions of their inabilities to overcome anything and that kind of determination is a pain reliever to me.

1.) I’m in a GREAT place to stop – Stop the old habit and reliance on surviving with alcohol and sugar. I’ve written blogs on the power behind controlling your food intake. I make videos reminding folks to drink water. I also have a ridiculously complicated attachment to drinking through hard times and painful sessions. The longest I’ve gone without alcohol is 17 days (I felt FANTASTIC during the streak.)

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