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allthingsonelove 5-star Restaurant Review: Perry’s Steakhouse (The Woodlands, TX)

Let’s jump RIGHT into the service at Perry’s.   #Outstanding for a party of TEN, 4 on time, 2 45min, 4 one HOUR late. *shrugs* It was my brother’s Born Day party and nobody was tripping. With all those early issues, I was impressed with how they handled us. The waiter kept checking on us. I think he KNEW we were getting hungry and bust out the appetizer talk at the perfect moment. We started with Brussels spouts, truffle fries, a few of the Mini-Martini Trios of the Month and *drum roll* Houston’s own Karbach craft beer, Crawford Bock – MY favorite. I am a true fan of the French Fry and couldn’t wait to dig into the truffle fries but they looked better than they tasted. There was nothing wrong with them but I had high hopes and they tasted like regular, ol French fries with some sides. The Brussels spouts were much better and we all collided over them. Even AFTER the seafood stuffed mushrooms (I missed them!), folks ordered more Brussels spouts. As a proud Pescatarian, I avoid pig, chicken, cow, etc. but my crew LOVED their Pork Chop dinners and Tomahawk Steaks. I was pre-occupied with an amazing Ahi Tuna Tartar that MELTED in my mouth. No kidding, it dissolved.  My people reported that the pork and steak were just as good but I seriously doubt that. Towards the end, another waitress took over our table. Duuuude, she was good as well. She even came outside and took pictures of BIG ol’ Birthday group. The RRs were so clean and smelled like cleaning solutions that I felt like home. I was super surprised that spacing allowed my wheelchair to move as much as I did.

Truffle fries
Ahi Tuna Tartar
Tomahawk Steak
Pork Chop
Brussels spouts

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