Gratitude Journal Day #162: Saturday, 3/13/21

Saturday like a MUTHAFUGGA y'all. I'm celebrating what I did CORRECT this week.

Lemme shoot these Gratitudes and gon bout my day of self-care. *winks* You KNOW what I plan on doing…

3.) “DayMaker” – My eldest bragged that SHE was a DayMaker and I straight up jacked her for the word, term, definition, motto, everything and anything associated with it. A DayMaker is someone that makes the day for OTHERS. They out lighting it up, bringing good energy, raising people’s esteem, all that. Tribe, y’all have NO idea how much I love that.

2.) A-shirt was right side out! – BOOM. See, me, as a man, disabled, struggle with dressing myself. I was running late for work, putting on my undershirt, realized I didn’t have to flip that mug and saved myself a nice few minutes, settled my nerves and errrythang. I was rushing and on the verge of falling before this blessing. *woosah*

1.) Met 2 of 3 Goals – I was supposed to go all week without alcohol, get 40 hours of work and finish my book, Skin Game. I started drinking pretty much soon as I get off. *shrugs* Hells Bells! Yeah, I tried. I was 2hrs early on it. I’m not tripping and know exactly where I went wrong tho. NEXT week, I’m going to improve on that. I am grateful for everybody that took up 3 goals with me!

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