3-star Movie Review: Outside the Wire (Netflix, 2021)

Naaaaaaah, I didn't like this one. Action scenes were done well, actors were good but the speed and plot were problems.

Preview of the film: Outside the Wire

What did I think?

I didn’t like it. I’m not a big action film type of guy, but I am a fan of urban fantasy and anything remade of comics. (Sidebar: A BUNCH of it is wack but I give it all at try. Yup, even those yucky DC movies outside of Batman and Spawn.) Back on topic, I did NOT like it. It was cool, had some great action scenes among excellent scenes, the actors played their parts well but the holes lay in the story. The ending was a blah among blurs. Well developed action throughout until the ending. Ohhhhhh, it fell apart. As a series, they could take time to organically grow the different messages they wanted to send. Trying to wrap US politics, US-Foreign policy, US-anybody relations, RACIAL messages, love (Come on, *duck face* then comes this android thing doing fly shit. Naaaaaah, it was too much, too quick, too soon. The characters, really just ONE, changed so much that it was UN-believable. I knew what was gonna happen but the way it happened was just weak.

Why I gave it a chance…

Anthony Mackie in anything action-related is a go for me because of his role in Marvel.


He was Falcon in all the Marvel movies, Avengers, Captain America, and starring in Disney’s upcoming Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He does his thing in those. *waves hand* Everybody looks good in those? I know but listen, he looks very like a Falcon, superhero, should look. He knows action scenes and set, rolls, stunts, whatever is demanded of great action, he is used to and can do. For THAT reason, I gave this a go. It worked too. He was great in HIS role and I guess that’s all I can expect. The new guy, Damson Idris, isn’t really new att all. He has been proving himself in the FX series, Snowfall, drama revolving around the crack epidemic of the United States.

He was believable, played his part well; all the way down to the ragged end. He came off as the UNDER-developed character, flowed with it well, and tried to make it work. It did NOT.

Final Grade: C+

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