5-star Product Review: Zinger Mobility Chair

The Zinger Mobility Chair is an investment. *dap to my MOTHER* She made the investment. My work-from-home, blog and business are conducted from this chair. I parent from this chair, hunt passion and love from my Zinger. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎπŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ¦Όβ™Ώ

How I even GOT something this fly!

MY MOMMA! *claps obnoxiously loud* Like, for real, real talk, keeping it ‘100’, my Mother surprised TF out of me in Spring 2020. That’s when the COVID-19 first blew up in America by closing schools, businesses, initiating that work-from-home firestorm, I know y’all remember. I was substitute teaching, using Wal-Mart’s, $150, Equate wheelchair, and doing the remote school gig. One day, *ding dong* doorbell. Nothing to sign, just the doorbell, and boom, big box for me. My son and I brought it in, opened it, unfolded and it was ready to go. I promise, I had NO idea, no clue, wasn’t “dry begging.” (Dry begging is when you keep dropping hints, clues, personal stories about something/anything/service/gift/whatever YOU need until SOMEBODY makes it happen.πŸ‘€) It showed up, I started riding, rocking, rolling, calling my Mother, made videos and I ALWAYS shoot a thanks because it changed my whole, freaking life.

Now, about the chair,

It is amazingly easy to use, comes ready to ride and I’ve waited a FULL, gah, damn year to even write a review because I wanted solid evidence of everything. It is here. I am ready. I don’t like it; I cherish my Zinger. I named HER Oktob’R (pronounced ‘October’) and yup, my kids say it too. I brave Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, NO prescription drugs, so half the time; I need someone ELSE to put Oktob’R in trunks, carry it past rough patches, over humps and sidewalks. My kids could do it, 12th grade girl, 8th grade boy, 5th grade girl, 1st girl. I help fold it, get it closed, if needed, and they get it done.

Handling – B-

Water! 😬 That is where I start because it’s the first time I thought, ‘Yoo, WTF?’. If the terrain is damp, you ain’t moving. The Zinger’s wheels burn rubber like a minivan after school, last day of school but you are not moving. Noooope. *shaking head* Nowhere. Wheels spinning, motor screaming, Zinger may even shake a little but nah playa. You can be rolling good, sunny day, music playing, people bopping and suddenly spin WAY course for a split second,or three, because you rode over a wet spot and lost control. Like ICE in a car except, you see ICE, feel COLD weather, you’re prepared. The Zinger will scare you, frustrate you, anger you every time wet and terrain intermingle. I’m a year into this, know what’s up, stay ready and still, my best solution is just not participating. I’ll sit at home rather risk slippery or wet terrain.

Battery – B

The charge levels are top to bottom, 4, 3, 2, 1. Instructions read, charge every night. *nodding head* You should because those levels really match 3, 2, 1. At full power, level 4, you’re rocking. At level 3, you feel the difference in how the Zinger responds. It’s sluggish, slow, jerky. At level 2 of power, it can go off at any minute. At level 1, you expect sudden loss of all power but not level 2. *stomps foot* THAT changes plans. There is no “Let me check the mail real quick. Let me ride to the kitchen for a snack.”. All that is gone because the battery may go out and leave YOU stuck. πŸ‘ŽπŸΎ

Weight/Packing/Transportation – B+

The way it folds is quick and USUALLY easy. When it is not, the culprit is the wheels for me, FRONT wheels. What happens is those little suckers don’t spin right and get trapped in the wrong position. It took MONTHS for me to get it. I would always unfold it all the way, start over. Other than that, the corded rope you pull to close it, may get caught on something, won’t close. I just start over, again. Those are the negatives; positives are here too. One, my kids move it for me. Two, it fits in the Altima trunk convenient; we can put it in several ways with the Tahoe. Three, I can move it in and out of stuff! *makes muscle* A King does his thing now!

Style – B

Mine is the classic, all black. It’s my preferred color and favorite color. It matches everything and any environment. The other colors are… mmmnnnnn… limited.

Comfortability – A

Yoo. I fall asleep in this mug. No, I don’t prefer to fall asleep in it nor do I long to fall asleep in it. I never miss it and junk but in this entire year, the only spot more comfortable is the bed. No chair, couch, loveseat, futon, anything is more comfortable. I CHILLAX in my Zinger. In addition to Multiple Sclerosis, I deal with Spondylosis and Ulcerative Colitis but neither condition is aggravated by sitting in it for as long as I do. I get boils on my booty but those aren’t accelerated or anything either.

Durability – B+

It has been a year and this mug is holding me DOWN. I’ve ridden it drunk, crashed into a wall or eleven. πŸ»πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ I’ve ridden holding babies, able to navigate through tight doorways, bend some wicked corners, never missing a beat, no problem. Every week or two, I gotta tighten up the same left-side, armbar, rail thing. I needed to replace the wheels around month 10 or 11 but other than that, *knocking on wood* AWESOME.

Final Grade – A

Doctors have bragged about fly my Zinger, affectionately named Oktob’R. “OMG! Your wheelchair is so cool! I’ve seen fancy wheelchairs but this is COOL.” πŸ™πŸΎ There are upgrades that I can add like cane holders, cup holders, baskets. The issues I DO run into are easily remedied. That price tag scares me. I NEVER would have thought it was worth it but this Zinger is the TRUTH.

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