Kendrick Avant

Gratitude Journal Day #168:
Friday, 3/19/21

I’m grateful it’s Friday, Grateful I got paid. Grateful I’m scheduled for my 2 COVID-19 vaccinations. πŸ™„ (Can’t travel without them) Let’s seeeee…. hmmmm… Oh!

3.) I got props on my PJs – I sure did. I DO consider myself a model for the disabled and handicapped. πŸ˜‰ It wasn’t anything too fancy, just a matching silk robe with the PJ bottoms. The attention caught me off-guard so I’m very appreciative. I LIKE being told my outfits are nice. * bats eyes*

2.) Fukada’s Salmon Rice – OMG. I gorged and gorged and ate the rest. Fukada has the best salmon rice but the entire thing was a surprise. I was minding my business, working when it arrived and let me tell you, *sucks teeth* it was earned. I finished mine in one sitting!

1.) We’re the “safe place” for the Tribe – What I mean is, folks feel safe being themselves, leaving kids, trying new shit and that kind of stuff. I dig it because an atmosphere, energy like that is good for everybody. I’m grateful because it keeps my dark thoughts at bay.

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