Gratitude Journal Day #169: Saturday, 3/20/21

It's ALL about YOU. It wasn't before but now you know better. Be YOU. Do YOU. Build YOU. Better YOU.

Slow boogie on a Saturday around here. I keep my Gratitudes close tho!

3.) ALL the kids helped with the kitchen! When I say all, y’all know I mean ALL. Yuuup, that’s the way we rock as unified parents on cleaning. Even sleepovers, because grown folks know, TOGETHER is easier, faster, more fun, everything. Our kids don’t get it. They can’t stand chores or cleaning, especially when OTHER kids staying but πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ whatever. That is the gift we giving to dem kids, teamwork on cleaning, each night. I’m grateful whether they OVER-stand or not!

2.) First Adult scooped her Aunt – Getting wise people. I’M getting older and wiser. Let me explain; I sent the First Adult to pick up her aunt and niece so nobody had to mess with wasp nests or stop sipping. πŸ€” Worked out fine, good, excellent for everybody involved. SO WELL, I think it can be a standard practice.

1.) Birthday Party – We threw a LITTLE shin dig for the father-in-law. It was niiiiice. The Queen broke out her pecan-crusted salmon. πŸ–€ Sister-in-law jumped in with her mac-and-cheese. (SOMETIMES, she adds seafood too. πŸ–€) The birthday cake? *smacks lips* Finally, a cake arrived absent of the thick, sickly sweet icing. I wanted a 2nd hit but got fruit instead because I need to make better choices. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎ Watched some Netflix, chilled outside sharing stories of them growing up, hearing early antics, good stuff. BEST stuff. *bows*

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