Gratitude Journal Day #170: Sunday, 3/21/21

Yoo. Sundays are for self-care, setting goals, and finishing WHAT-ever celebration I earned.

Take it EASY today y’all. Move at YOUR pace and write them Gratitudes!

3.) Set up a BID-ness meeting with my brother-in-law – We’re supposed to be going over my new webpage, website, design, content, all that. Y’all, πŸ₯‚, it has taken 4 loooong years to get to this point. Four years of blogging, stories and growth but I’m here, I’m ready. LAST YEAR, he mentioned upgrading my site but I didn’t think it was necessary AND I was paid up till March 2021. I’m stepping UP my web address because I’m serious bout my blog being a line of business. Grateful he is here to answer questions. πŸ™πŸΎ

2.) Neighbors let their daughter come over to play – The neighbors are cool AF. They handle our back and front yards, cutting grass, weed eating, fixing gates, welding the broken trampoline, everything. We’re FULL of kids at my house with it being Spring Break and their daughter has been talking through the fence all weekend. When they popped in, there was a gentle vibe between the two of them, conversations didn’t have to change, no code switching required. Grateful for the opportunity to express OUR Gratitude via childcare and children! (I’m excited to grow this relationship.)

1.) MY daughter, kid #3, taught her little cousins how to make sugar cookies – I know whatcha thinking. “What kind of sugar cookies? How big?” I honestly don’t know. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ I’m talking about how MY daughter spent her Saturday hanging, kicking it, teaching, with her lil’ cuzzos. Awww! I’m shocked she didn’t make a YouTube about the experience but I get it. Blogging and vlogging can be WORK. I go through my own phases where I’m ducking writing, designing and creating content. (It’s the MAIN reason I quit writing the D’Boiya Beast blogs! 🀫) Huh? What’s that? You wanna know how the sugar cookies came out? *shrugs* I think they ate them all.

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