Gratitude Journal Day #171: Monday, 3/22/21

*acting hype* YOO! What's the dilly on a Monday? Let me calm down and explain. I'm back on GOALS this week. See, it really, REALLY hit me yesterday, what TF are my Wellness Goals? I do all this prevention stuff but what are the goals? So, I'm handling up because once you know better, DO better. To read the FULL Gratitude Journal post, click the link...

We’re back doing our goals people. πŸ’ͺ🏾 I did NOT mine last time but I’ll do better this time. Yes, I have my Gratitudes too soooo…

3.) My father-in-law released ya boi for one final day of beer – Tell me that wasn’t a G move. I’m married, #sickAF and trying to improve everything around me starting with myself and he tells me, “It’s my birthday. Gon have a LITTLE fun, let your hair down.” I did too. I had my favorite craft beer on chill (#1 and #7), Netflix to watch and yoga mat set to go. Today, I awake with three, ice cold Karbach Crawford Bock and I won’t touch them. I’m going past the weekend without beer, liquor, wine, champ, I’m skipping it all. The goal is stay clean throughout the entire week, weekend, visits, everything. Since Sunday was a lazy day of self-care, I’m more mentally ready to tackle the day, the goals, the work. S/O to my father-in-law for a low key weekend of grub and indulgence. πŸ™πŸΎ

2.) A gotta whole box of new vitamins and supplements – An Amazon box arrived on Saturday and sent the DADDY in a tizzy. The box had my name on it but that means very little around here because kids, me, Queen, some in-laws all use the same account. SOME-thing is always arriving but this was different because of the size and sounds of the package. Vitamins, supplements, anti-this, pro-that, droppers, pre-mixes were bouncing and scrapping to free themselves and join my war over Wellness. βœ‹πŸΎ It came with a rule. I can’t take anything unless I’m serious about BEING better, better with drinking, better with diet, better with lifestyle, BETTER period. She is adamant that I can do more, grow but like I tell others, it starts within. *deep sigh* I can, I will.

1.) Everybody made it home SAFE – We had fun all weekend. Kids had fun all weekend. (Well, the GIRLS did. My son acts like a fiend about online gaming and he couldn’t.) Parents had fun. There is leftovers for quick and easy back-to-school lunches and still-at-work snacks. Messages all night that folks made it home officially ended our Spring Break of Stay-cations 2021. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎπŸ–€

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