Gratitude Journal Day #172: Tuesday, 3/23/21

Tuesday! I am NOT scared of you. I worked my goals, avoided beer, gluten, sugar. I got in 75oz of water plus tea and a juice. Shhhiiiid, I even added at least 12 more vitamins and supplements to stabilize my body vs. Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. *makes muscle* Where my Tribesmen at?!

What I’m GRATEFUL for today…

3.) Getting my COVID-19 vaccination – Yuuuup. I damn sho will. *mean mug* I ain’t studden NAN naysayer, NO hater, *middle fingers* to people that say, “Oh, you’re a hippocrite.” πŸ™„ I’M getting the vaccination because #1, you GOT to be vaccinated to travel, and #2, my freaking DREAM is to travel despite the handicaps, disabilities, illnesses and pain. #Boom. #Period. Healing involves removing trauma, recoveries, repairs and releasing old fears. I want to do THAT away from HERE. Yes, I need money and don’t have it yet but that’s a yet. I need that shot because soon as the money get right, I’m taking my family to rejuvenate and regenerate in someplace warm, on a beach, good wifi and fresh foods.

2.) Bedtimes are back! – *slow blinking* People, growing up, having a 2-story home was the goal. *lights funny cigarette* When you get older, you realize how heavy-footed your kids are, their company, the activities, the noise… The end of Spring Break, stay-cations, sleepovers also meant a well-deserved return to bedtimes. Maaaaan, I had forgotten how good it felt to NOT hear the stomping, hollering, TV, video games, MICROWAVE (They shouldn’t be eating at 3am!) all damn night. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ I woke up at 2am and spent the next 3-hours tossing and turning in complete, absolute, silence. It stinks I couldn’t sleep but baaaaaaaby, when I DO, it won’t be interrupted by dem kids.

1.) I’m having BMs again! – BUT let me start with the GAS. *waves away something* Oooooo. So, for my Sisters of the MS’ster and Brothers of the MS’other, *squints at crowd* y’all know. Living with an inability to regulate your BMs or control when you pee is hard. It sucks, embarrassing, all that. An overlooked complication of that is you can’t even fart. All day, you’re rocking in your wheelchair, leaning in the bed or chair, trying to squeeze that poot, hoping for SOME relief but it doesn’t come. It stacks up, builds, adding pressure and pain to a body you can’t… *wooosah* Look, I’m grateful I’ve been doing it all Monday and so far, Tuesday. I’m taking like a dozen new vitamins and supplements so I’ll share when I know more. (Really, might only be 9 or 10 but some are twice a day.)

My Goals for this week.

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