Gratitude Journal Day #177: Sunday, 3/28/21

I promise I've been meaning to share how my goals turned out but the game gets dirty when you trying to get those WORK HOURS in. I always forget OR run out of time. I'm coming correct THIS Sunday with Gratitudes, goals and even a link to the latest Candida-Free Lifestyle video. Ya boi feeling it today!

DAWG. I could start with how I’m grateful that I didn’t bust my head wiiiiiide open falling last night. I could hit y’all with how grateful I am that the boxes, pots, crates, bikes, chairs didn’t tear me when they fell because of my fall. Instead, I’m keeping it civil and giving everybody the following… *heart thumping*

3.) THE kids made a video with me – It’s DEM kids when they aren’t paying attention, THE kids when they’re cooperating. 👏🏾 Like the first of MANY Gratitude videos. I have my kids keeping Gratitude Journals in order to get paid for their weekly allowance. (Do they do it? ONLY when they want something but that’s kids. Right? 🤷🏾‍♂️😉) I popped this on them and 2 had NO problem at all, one came with the “Nooo Daddy, please. I’m busy.” 🙄 Whatever Gurl! Video starts for the whole world in 3… 2… 1…

I am grateful that they each participated because making Gratitude a priority and independent activity is WORK. *makes muscle*

2.) Domino’s Pizza was HITTING last night – Yeah, I jacked up my Candida-free Lifestyle pursuits on Saturday. Ate a handful of the Queen’s sticky, sweet, breakfast oats snack. That was one mess up. I doubled down on my mess-up by diving into some customized, veggie pizza with that light, flat crust. Usually, I’m NOT a Domino’s guy. I wasn’t suuuuper hungry either but it was good than a mug and I appreciate it. The mess-up was my sugar and gluten intake. *shaking head* I stepped down but I’m back.

1.) Walter Mosley dropped a DIME of knowledge in his promo – ‘Write 1000 words every day. Wake up, read the day before and write a new 1000. 1000. It’s what I do.’ Okay, he didn’t say those EXACT words but that was the message. I’ve heard it before, several times, but hearing a RENOWNED author say them was different. It stuck so I work up Sunday, determined to write my 1000 words. Not book, not chapter, not section, not part, just 1000 words. *head-nodding* Here. I. Go.

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And now, without further adieu, I present my goals from last week!

This is when I learned the importance of keeping that water intake as a PRIORITY. It went from 4 BMs to ZERO.
My WORST day of the week! I was just trying to live at that point. *winks*

Candida-free Lifestyle: Day 7 video

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