Gratitude Journal Day #180: April Fool’s Day, 4/1/21

Friday Eve! Y'all, I'm trying to keep messages simple and consistent. Self-care and protecting your #energy/Inner G will be at the TOP of my list every day.

ALMOST FRIDAY Y’ALL! Gratitudes, goals, and GO!

3.) NEW tires for Oktob’R – Oktob’R is my Zinger wheelchair. Named after my birth month, the “Cadillac of Mobility Devices” has been struuuuuuggling with carpet and hard surfaces because I’m rolling on NO treads. If it was a car, I’d be on may-pops. Well, not anymore. I got new tires and all I gotta do is find out how to switch ’em out. šŸ˜‰

2.) BEST sleep since I started the Candida-free Lifestyle – FIVE hours! Then, I went BACK to sleep and woke up late to start my day. I feel GREAT!

1.) Chopped it up with my MOMMA – Been a lil while since laughing and catching up with my Momma (even longer from my Father šŸ˜¬). We knocked that out on Wednesday night and even locked down plans on when we could see each other. She needs my Father to drive; I need my Queen to do the same stuff. #MissionAccomplished We got us a weekend of good times scheduled and I’m happy as heck bout that!

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