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allthingsonelove Review: AK-47 (sativa-dominant)

What I read OR been told…

It was supposed to be sativa-dominant, leaving you relaxed and mellow.

My immediate thoughts…

I didn’t get that SUPER blowed, wait-what-was-I-saying high. I expected that because of the name but nope. I didn’t get the big-smiling-for-NO-reason either.

What I noticed about it…

This is a good example of “sneaky” cannabis. Earlier, I mentioned how it lacked that ‘SUPER blowed’ punch. Well; 10min later, I was singing Stripper anthems, OUT LOUD, 🀫 and bouncing my head to NO music. None. Zip. Not a peep nor comment from anyone within earshot. It definitely gave me a little shot of energy but not enough to believe in it as a coffee alternative or booster.

How I would use it…

If I could, AK-47 would be a strain I use to work while enjoying its benefits. Since there is no SUPER effect, thoughts come clearly and the shot of energy is always welcome on the J-O-B. It could double up as a “chill pill” as well because the low-key, high takes the edge from situations. You’re able to zone out juuuuuuuust enough while being present and actively engaged.

Honestly, how long it last?

3-4 hours


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