allthingsonelove Review: Glookies (indica-dominant)

I manage my Multiple Sclerosis with diet, lifestyle, food, yoga, meditation, did I mention cannabis?

What I read OR heard.

According to the experts, this sucker is indica-dominant and gives a strong “happy” feeling. For those with ADD/ADHAD, anxiety, insomnia and pain, this is aimed at US.

My FIRST thoughts

This strain gives me the “Dude-I’m-high-AF” sensation that soo many people are looking for. It takes a minutes to comprehend and focus before the effect settles into an I-can-sit-here-all-day-and -play -on-my-phone satisfaction.

What I noticed about it

This a strain that actually affects my body pain. Yes, I can sit all day, content with little to nothing. Yes, it makes me sleepy, legit sleepy. What stood out is this strain takes my mind away from the foot neurosis. It doesn’t heal anything, solve the pain, stop the shaking but it allows me get OTHER stuff done.

How I would use it

I would NOT use this strain at my J-O-B because it slows me down. It takes longer than a few minutes to gather myself and when I’m back, present, under control, I still lose focus and daydream before going to sleep. I prefer this to be something I save and use on the rough days of Multiple Sclerosis because it is a stronger hitting strain and I generally better after using it. My yoga and meditations seem to be more effective because those activities grant me silent, personal space.

Honestly, how long it last?

3-4 hours

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