allthingsonelove Review: Truffle Monkey (indica-dominant)

I manage my Multiple Sclerosis with diet, lifestyle, food, yoga, meditation, did I mention cannabis?

What I read OR heard about it.

It is SUPPOSED to be a real, medicine-y type of strain with anti-inflammatory effects and pain relief. Blogs say it’s great for stress relief too.

MY initial thoughts…

I didn’t get that stoned, can’t focus feeling. Naw Playa, I bust out grinning. The kind of smile where you try to stop but can’t and look silly.

What I noticed…

I really, really enjoyed it. I didn’t feel any strong, sleepy effect but I was absolutely tired than a MUTHA before starting it. It kinda felt like a hyper cannabis or sativa.

How I would use it…

Theeeeeen, I laid down and slept almost 4 hours. *duck face* I thought I was tripping so I ran some tests early in the day. Trusted sources referred to it as an indica, yet I wasn’t feeling sleepy. 15min into it, I was fighting the fabled “head-nodding-off” effect. It was an indica and I agree with the stress relief tip because I sleep SOUND after using it.

Honestly, how long it last?

2-3 hours

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