allthingsonelove 5-star Podcast Review: Break Out The Popcorn (Podbean, 2020)

I am a fan of this podcast! Funny? ✅ Different types of movies? ✅ Will the wife listen too? ✅ Can it get real AF? ✅ #podcast #couples #Netflix #Hulu #movies

Break Out The Popcorn

Hosts (married couple)

Ricko Jemmott

Connie Sheffield

*this is an actual entry from my Gratitude Journal!*

I’ve been looking for an entertainment type of podcast to expand my palette of chill time. Sometimes, I get caught in a GRINDER of work (my 9-5 Customer Service gig) and building (blog, business, books and brand). My in-between time is yoga, meditation & squeezing in wellness routines. You probably thinking, “Awww, poor blogger.” but I’m serious! I jam audiobooks and podcasts for education, sports and I’m getting into the PEOPLE behind Break Out The Popcorn. The podcast is a young couple going DEEEEEP on movies and movie topics. I started rocking the show based on the episode material. If they were chopping a good movie that I already saw, I’d listen, nod, agree, disagree as the episode played out. I’m usually in the RR or doing yoga when plugged in and one day, on accident, I clicked their Scariest Monsters episode. I don’t even WATCH scary stuff but figured I’d let it play out. That’s when it hit me. I’m riding with people, NOT the material. I like the people that much. *fist bump* Tell ’em I sent you!

Anything else special?

They are running a free month of Disney+ for followers! This is one of those moves that says, “We are here. We are legit. We authentic.” The duo reviews scary movies, animated movies, documentary type stuff, they top ten lists and with Disney’s BOSS streaming, the gift matches the rhythm and flow of the podcast. I like that a lot. No money, no coupon, a free month of Disney’s awesome line up including Wanda Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, all those Disney classics and more.

For the Podbean link, click here…

Break Out The Popcorn



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