Kendrick Avant 2-star Restaurant Review: Woodson’s Local Tap & Kitchen 

We left BJ’s Steakhouse because the service was soooo doggone HORRIBLE. We tried a few other spots but the general busy-ness and overpacked crowds had us too scared to grub. Woodson’s was number #4 on our list and we went on a whim.  I came away UN-impressed, UN-satified and some worse feelings. The server was cool beans (ESPECIALLY considering we left BJ’s for crappy service)  but in hindsight, I just shocked by the transition from BAD service to REGULAR service. She checked on us, made sure we were good before leaving and sounded somewhat knowledgeable about the menu and alternatives. SHE was not the problem. SHE helped with standard, run-of-the-mill, waiter service. The FOOD dropped the score. My wife and I experimented by tasting the kids’ orders. ‍ Noooooo. Where is the seasoning? Why is it so almost-colder-than-lukewarm? These are freaking tater tots bro. I need them HOT so they last a little awhile. Bring ’em cool, cold or lukewarm and they are NOT edible in a few minutes. Besides the food being UN-seasoned? Being lukewarm? Out of five orders,  THREE “appetizers”, ZERO, NAN, NONE “were actually eaten. We’re a party of five and nobody thought the food was good enough to finish their plate.  Did we take to-go plates? Heck yes because the kids gotta finish theirs. THAT brings me to another detail. Bathrooms. If you’re familiar with MY reviews, you know I’m disabled AF, 100% wheelchair bound, my Multiple Sclerosis drastically reduces control of my left arm AND I’m prone to violent needs for restrooms. The cleanliness of an establishment is HUUUUGE to people like me. *ahem* We had to leave EARLY, from a perfectly AVERAGE meal so my daughters could use the restroom. We went to WAL-MART! Maaaaaaaan, from the whispers between my 6th grade girl and 2nd grade girl, it was beyond nasty. OMG. We burned rubber on gambled on Wal-Mart. Yikes! That knocked it down from a 3-star to a 2-star.

Imperial- Strawberry
Boneless HOT wings and she graded it 7 of 10
Boneless Honey BBQ wings. 8 of 10 says the daughter who ordered them.
Texas Cuban. HE graded it 10 of 10.
Austin fries. #Plain than a mug
Fried Jalapeños
Florence Tater Tots and Nachos – NOBODY liked them enough to keep eating.
Ya BOI holding it down.

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