Review: Ethos Glue

I manage my Multiple Sclerosis with diet, lifestyle, food, yoga, meditation, did I mention cannabis?

What I read OR heard.

Nothing. I didn’t know a damn thing about it before trying it. I didn’t want to either. I was curious if MY review would match whatever people have already written about it.

My initial impression…

I can y’all this, it was sticky than a MUG and it burned slower than most medicine in my pipe. I can only imagine how that may benefit rollers. *fist bump* I didn’t get a super anything off of it. It’s another one that didn’t make me crunk, sing, sleepy, anything. YES, I felt the effects and knew I was. I wondered the whole time would it sneak up on me or something. I’ll snap to attention and realize that I’ve missed the movie, fell asleep during the date, whatever.

What I noticed about it.

I waited and waited and waited some more. It NEVER snuck up on me. I didn’t realize I was blowed and nobody kept asking, “Daddy? DADDY! Daddy, did you hear what I said?” Instead, I chilled, giggled at Super Store and worked diligently on my blog and businesses. I kept pace with all conversations, got some solid ideas written and even knocked off some good yoga. I didn’t feel like I was crazy working, nor did I have that awesome ‘it-makes-you-zone-out-and-work’ feeling. It was the coolest, lowest high that I could remember trying.

How I would use it.

I think I could use this a hyper medicine. I’m not doing it because it’ll make me hyper, I’m doing it because it’s something I would take on the days when I have high anxiety or stressing hard from something. This is something I’d take to slow the muscle spasms but wouldn’t expect it to dull any pain. It’s weird huh?

Honestly, how long does it last?

2-3 hours but again, it’s a low-key high. It’s possible that it lasts longer and I didn’t have patience or experience to really know.

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