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Gratitude Journal Day #190-in-a-row: Sunday, 4/11/21

Sunday FUN Day! For ME, that means Gratitudes, chilling & QT.

3.) Crocs – Squad went shopping yesterday and ol’ Daddy got himself a pair of Crocs. I always made fun of folks rocking Crocs and never understood the allure until disability became my way of life. Now, upon further review, these mug are my new “everyday kicks”. They’re LIGHT so I move easier. No shoelaces so I can skip the struggle of tying them up. Who DON’T like an affordable shoe?

2.) Checked out Woodson’s Local Tap & Kitchen – We have not been wanting to check out. We came because… Well, it’s a loooong story but basically, Woodson’s was choice #4. The Queen and I didn’t like it but dem kids were digging IN. Grateful SOMEBODY did because I was DONE with the entire establishment and hoping for Iconic Pizza going home! (I got it. It was GOOD.πŸ•

1.) Video equipment – Tripod? Yup. Selfie stick? βœ… Bluetooth? #Already. I was cruising Amazon, about to hit purchase when my eyes saw it. My wife had just bought the SAME stuff, video equipment. #CloseCall but hey, I’m in BID-ness. πŸ‘πŸΎ

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