Gratitude Journal Day #192: Tuesday, 4/13/21

Tuesday? Tell me about it. That's I swang and bang on the 1s and 2s with my Gratitude Journal. Then, MY perspective sits on Tuesday and handles things until I'm ready to take over. I apologize if you missing the King game I'm giving because I don't feel like code-switching. #ms #handicapped #disabled #mindset

Getting my COVID-19 vaccination today but that didn’t make a list. Off work today but it didn’t make it either. *drum roll*

3.) Found out the PROPER way to refer folks for discounts at – I have a CODE. 1t5 is my code. I did my first TESTIMONIAL over the weekend and gave people my affiliated direct link. (Affiliated means I receive a commission of the sales affiliated with ME. 🤞🏾) On day 2, a Queen informed me that my link doesn’t even work! 🤷🏾‍♂️🥺 I got it fixed but dang; that lesson will be applied going forward, make SHO links work when writing and recording testimonials. I BELIEVE in the combination of Sea Elements and Kalawalla as an effective energy booster. You can get 9% discount with code, 1t5, at *shaking head* Grateful that friend told me it didn’t work or I’d be hustling with “broken” equipment.

2.) Super Store – We needed something quirky, funny, 30min episodes and we found it all in Super Store. Yoo, that mug is the closest series to Office, which is an automatic laugh for us. PLUS, it doesn’t have cursing, sex scenes, violence or raunchy jokes so when dem kids burst in with random questions and snitching, nobody is embarrassed by what Mommy and Daddy watching. 😉🤣🤣 #TrueStories

1.) Sage holder! – Sis, I’m not a fan of sage. I’m a certified user, holder and reader of sage. I use it according to color, health, need, make sure I match them appropriately, all that good stuff. My family can’t stand when I burn it too close to their waking hours because they swear it doesn’t stink but still don’t like the smell. #whatever Anyway, the Queen bought me a holder as a surprise. (I’m sure me using her fancy glass, W-I-N-E, decorative things accelerated the process. 😉🤫) I even got some fresh sage coming in to use it with! #Gratitude

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