Kendrick Avant 5-star Restaurant Review: Lindiana’s Southern Vegan Kitchen

How we heard about it.

We Googled vegan restaurants near me and from there, hour trip into the city of Houston. Bruh, that’s a loooong ride to TRY some vegan food but it is BLACK-owned so we figured, let’s go for it.

The location/atmosphere

It is located directly across from the Texas Southern University, TSU campus. That location added authenticity to an establishment that needed NONE. The eatery is BLACK-owned so a location adjacent to a historically BLACK university was special in my heart. It’s already vegan, the university is rich with our history & teachings PLUS the meals are educational. We are learning tidbits of knowledge on how good vegan is SUPPOSED to taste and how HEALTHY we can eat. I learned and my Queen was inspired to go home and bust out a new recipe on dem kids.

What we ordered


Down Home Burger – I have NO idea how it tasted sooooo much BETTER than a GREAT beef burger. Wow. The outside of the “meat” had a crisp skin and I heard the individual *crunch* snap with each bite. The vegetables were NOT overpowering or overpacked. The buns had a sweetbread kick.


Cauli Nuggets (appetizer) – I was looking for some sogginess here. I was happy I didn’t find it. We ordered the Buffalo flavored and yes, they definitely had a little HEAT to them. It wasn’t enough to make your nose run or anything but it sure kicked.


  Mushrooms (appetizer)


  Boudin Balls (appetizer) – Again, the theme here is crunch. That initial *CRUNCH* sound is more than an effect, it is a way of cooking. Then, the rice was seasoned well, wasn’t clumpy, GURL. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎYes, that line of sauce added some zing!

Greens (side dish) – Solid. Bad greens have a mushy, stringy, texture; these were firm to the last bite.

Mac-N-Cheese (side dish) – Don’t come hoping for the sweet cheese stuff. Noooope, this looked and tasted like the real macaroni and cheese of family reunions in the deep South.

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