Gratitude Journal Day #195: Friday, 4/16/21

Friiiiiiday FLY Day so I got King'd up. Be damned if I waste ANY of my weekend on negativity, OVER-thinking some drama OR fussing at my kids. The whole point of rocking and rolling with me, swanging and banging on the 1s and 2s is to start bettering yourself so you can better YOURSELF. I'm going first with all the #Wellness Goals, #Gratitude Journal, reminding you to build YOUR dreams because life is too hard to blow it wondering and wishing. #improve #smallsteps

We maaaaaaaade it!

3.) Didn’t FALL! – Ooooo. What an amazing story of home SURVIVAL. I was wall-walking, handling my morning routines when I stepped wrong. The misstep spun me around, had a playa flailing in fear, knocking glass bottles of supplements to the floor, grabbing at anything to prevent the dreaded crash-to-the-ground. All types of weird, UN-manly sounds escaped my lips but I did NOT fall. My supplements didn’t crack or break either. (Nastiest stuff I take! šŸ¤¢) Grateful for the blessing to remain standing and really grateful nobody heard my noises.

2.) Followed my Wellness Goals AND the content calendar – Day one of me having both Wellness Goals and following a content calendar. I’m trying to bump the usage and feasibility of allthingsonelove as my main source of income. Everybody sees those memes about “___ time focused on goals will put you ___ years ahead.” I can’t talk all this improve-yourself game but skip improving and bettering my blog because it is me. It’s my release, my spiritual book, my dream career. So, grateful I stuck out day ONE and grateful I rose early on day 2 to start up again. šŸ¤“šŸ¾

1.) Hung up my daughter’s gift – Okay, confession. I didn’t grow up visualizing myself as some smoke-weed-anywhere-Daddy-because-nobody-can-whoop-me. Granted, I’ve smoked weed consistently since high school but I never intended to be as open as I am about it. HOWEVER, things change, people adapt and plans are swapped out. I’m a faithful, dedicated cannabis advocate, Multiple Sclerosis Outlaw and Agent of Gratitude. When my eldest gifted me a marijuana wall decoration, I was grateful, not suspicious and noooow, it is perfect with my work area and aligned with my environment. #Boom

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