Gratitude Journal Day #196: Saturday, 4/17/21

Saturday is heeeeeere & it's a mindset for me. * looking shamed* I didn't do the best with my Wellness Goals but I'm still gonna self-care my ASS off. #wellness #Gratitude #short #sweet #weekend

3.) Queen got her Creator Laptop – I talk a lot about steps, managing and moving forward. I blast to people that WE should move, go for it and start rather than waiting for things to be perfect. When my Queen stepped up and scooped herself a laptop to continue and improve her new interests in pictures and sharing the things she does for me, I was grateful. Not just because she is growing with it but because I believe in her ability. I want her to find a passion, purpose in all this wellness hunting and trapping better health. I’m grateful that she gets excited researching and learning more elements to the cooking, pictures, nutrition and teaching it to the kids.

2.) Business emails – Another step (see above)! Can I share with y’all? OF COURSE. *wink*

1.) Released Day #25 –  I recorded Day 25 of the If you can’t GET better, BE better Lifestyle. (It started as the Candida-free Lifestyle but I’m not ready and the lessons are too much.) It is not edited so I haven’t actually dropped it yet. *shrugs* My self-care this Saturday is definitely affecting the blog today but that is the point. I’m telling y’all to KEEP GOING and the message applies to my

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