Gratitude Journal Day #197: Sunday, 4/18/21

Sunday is FUN Day over here in my castle. That means, I get to do blog stuff all day. *high five* Not ALL of it is fun but oooooo, when this mug is completely remodeled, it is going to EXPAND the messages of #wellness, #family, #gratitude and #perspective.

Going into this new week with an aggressively authentic mindset. I’ll always get my Gratitudes done but ya looking to settle some the vitamins and supplements, include some new elements and just… for lack of cooler beans…. align the blog with my life.

3.) Oktob’R is fixed! – Fam, I was doing too much without really being focused and straight-jacked up my Zinger wheelchair. *shaking head* I needed a 3/4in or 19mm ratchet wrench and I ain’t got nothing that big. I recruited the Queen to help me put it back together but she’s the one that pointed out how I jacked it up. I called my brother and he had the equipment but he’s a solid 4omin drive away and to be honest, I didn’t wanna call him out for my wheelchair issue. I KNEW the neighbors would have the proper stuff and experience too but they help so much with the yard that I wanted to give them a break too. In the end, I went ahead and sent that distress signal to the neighbors, and BOOM. One of them popped up and handled the whole thing himself. So, I’m grateful the whip is fixed up, air’ed up, and rolling like brand new. I’m grateful that he took the time to show me HOW to do it myself in the future. *looking around, whispers* I’m grateful he posted up and experimented with the craft beer. That is the definition of cool beans right there!

2.) Saw my brother – Yoo! I haven’t SEEN the King in… liiiiiiike….. *STILL THINKING*… since 2011. We got brand new kids that are walking, talking, and independently rocking along with us. We got kids graduated, college, grown, and holding down their siblings like some REAL, big sisters. *sniff* Amazing conversations. I rarely have an opportunity to openly discuss growth, changes, adaptations, marriage, parenting, employment, how all that affects the mindset. I loved it. He left me with a strong affirmation on the choices and directions I’m going. That hit me like the words of a big brother. Grateful.

1.) Nighttime Yoga – I’m grateful AF that I have so many options & alternatives to handle the score of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. One is the strength to do rounds of yoga and workouts vs. neurosis. It doesn’t always work so I may switch over to tea, choke on some kratom, I got options. Last night, I did yoga to offset the foot pain and body aches. It hurt starting out but the more I did, the better I felt. I even did STANDING yoga which is… *exhales* Standing yoga is about as new as it gets for a dude that can’t walk or stand on his own. The first time, I completed 10 poses. The second time, I knocked off 6 poses. There was no need to try a second time but I did it because I’m a fiend for pushing myself, challenging myself. The best thing about it was it worked. *fist bump*

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