Gratitude Journal Day #201:
Thursday, 4/22/21

Y'all know Thursday is my Friday Eve. I can do a LOT of things on Thursday because I know Friday is tomorrow. What kind of things? Hmmm... besides being grateful? I laugh my ass off on Thursdays, the throwback pictures, memories, I stay up a little later... Enough about me tho. *wink* #wellness #gratitude #grateful #mindset

Friday Eve like a MUG homie. What YOU grateful for?

3.) They found my telescoping selfie stick  – *sigh of relief* Bruh, I JUST got the selfie stick last week. What happened was I lost it during the good times of celebrating 4/20. O didn’t know if it was at the last restaurant, in somebody vehicle, maybe in the house, I didn’t know JACK SQUAT. I did some videos without the stick and they were BOOTY. Then, miraculously, the stick was found but the drive to actually get it would be this weekend. I was gonna make it work, be patient until my eldest was headed that way and said, “I’ll get it but I need some gas Daddy.” πŸ™πŸΎ Beeeeeet, I’ll take that deal. I went from NO selfie stick, to it’s coming this weekend, to it’s here NOW. That deserves ALL the Gratitude.

2.) Eligible for Medical Leave – My J-O-B has been picking at me since my hiring. The root of the problem is the company’s stance on health modifications; they allow 3 10-min breaks and I need like 10 5min breaks. Yesterday, I was offered Medical Leave but I didn’t sign up because I think I’m good. Sure, I miss bunches of time but I’m not salary, don’t get paid when sick and gotta clock out for the bathroom visits. I can accept that. What I can’t accept is taking an unpaid leave now and coming back to NO gig. I absolutely feel it was a trap BUT I’m grateful for the opportunity, the option.

1.) If you can’t GET better, BE better: Day 30 – As soon as the selfie stick got home, we went to WORK. I put together a testimony over the lifestyle changes, did some real chopping on meditation, and even offered some tips on cannabis. (Y’all know I’m leaving the link below right? *fist bump*)

YouTube video. Day 30 of the If you can’t GET better, BE better Lifestyle

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