Gratitude Journal Day #203:
Saturday, 4/24/21

SNAP! Guess who tried their FIRST dab in the hunt for wellness? *tapping foot patiently* ME! I had it and on self-care Saturday, I'm giving y'all game on that PLUS throwing my Gratitudes on the table. #wellness #Gratitude #cannabis #multiplesclerosis

Whatcha got on that self-care homie?

3.) Broke in my brother’s Born Day – Boiii, did WE. My brother is the original “Evolved Taurus”, he’s always doing stuff for others and making sure others are good & comfortable. For his birthday, “I don’t want nothing. I don’t want people doing too much for me. I JUST wanna chill and lay low. Hell, it’s raining so ain’t that much we can do.” πŸ€πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΏ Okay sir, one regular, Friday night of drinking and stories will be thrown in YOUR honor. Of course, I’m grateful that they chose to kick it with us. Of course, I’m grateful that everyone got home safe. I’m grateful AF that we’re busting out part 2 of his Born Day today. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ–€

2.) Dab vs. Multiple Sclerosis – I was excited than a MUTHA to experiment with smoking dabs. I’ve heard about it for years, spoke to a handful of users and finally; it was my time to “dance in the pale moonlight”. *deep breathe*

I was so high, I couldn’t feel the neurosis in my feet! *mind blown*  Dawg, I’m serious than a mug right now. Neurosis in the feet is my greatest enemy, the “stormtrooper” of Multiple Sclerosis. I have nothing but blatant, outlandish strategies to remain calm during its incessant attacks. Nope, no prescription drugs, no weird, Eastern Medicine things, like kratom, just ride it out. Smoking indica strains can help ease the mental and spiritual parts of healing but that’s all I got. HAD. That’s all I had until trying out a dab of cannabis. You know when you get TOO high, for a few seconds, time slows down or something then; real quick, you downgrade into the standard, high AF feeling? You’re still super faded but that initial, intense, almost WTF feeling is gone. You can smoke again but you’ll only make yourself cough as your lungs are full of that magical mist. The dab made that inaugural, super, duper high last for about 30-45min. HIGH AF for a strong half hour before a slow shift into being really, REALLY high. It’s the first 30min where the I’m so-faded-the-neurosis-eased-up took place. Did I try a second time? DAAAAAAMN RIHHT. Same thing happened; I was so high, I couldn’t trip on neurosis. Oh. My. GAWD. I woke UP thinking about it. #grateful

1.) Fridge FULL of leftovers – Y’all see all that food?! You should have seen the mess, bags, sauces, LEFTOVERS. Thankfully, we found a way to make it fit, WITH containers & lids. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ Ain’t gotta worry about feeding dem kids all Saturday because they got leftovers. If they don’t want leftovers, they NOT hungry. 🀴🏾🀫

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