allthingsonelove 5-star Restaurant Review: Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar (Woodlands, TX)

It is doggone shame we had to splurge on Fleming's for a good meal in Conroe BUT it worked. We ate like Kings and Queens, overlooking the lake. #review #food #woodlands

We were on a HORRIBLE streak of bad eating in Conroe, TX. Y’all know the kind of eating out when the food is so bad that people start pointing fingers at who idea it was to eat there? Yeah, we were on that kind of streak. When the homie asked about eating out for his Born Day, my Queen were down to try but warned him about our bad streak. Four times in a row, we had been disappointed.

He just winked and said, “Yeah, I was there for some of y’all mistakes. That’s why I’m asking. WE going to Fleming’s where I KNOW it’s gonna be good.” With that confidence, we loaded up and headed to the restaurant. We wanted to eat outside because it was a pretty day (we’re all vaccinated but still worried a little) and the hostess said no problem. #Point1 Now, just eating outside isn’t enough, view, access, comfort, INSECTS can all affect the act of grubbing outside. I’m happy to report, none of that was an issue at all. #Point2 From the hostess to the waiter to the staff just passing by, people were helpful. I’m 100% wheelchair-bound so that makes difference. I didn’t have to touch a door. Even when I moved about alone, the staff kept doors open, moved chairs out the chair, slid over, it was awesome. #Point3

Enough about me, settings, and service huh? *fist bump* I OVER-stand.

Texas Teas to start the celebration. The Birthday Boy was pleasantly surprised and we all liked it.
Chilled Seafood Tower

Heads up, the appetizers stole the show. *rubbing belly* That Alaskan king crab was the best I’ve had in a looong time. The ahi tuna poke tasted fresh, had flavor, and melted in the mouth.

Sweet Chili Calamari

If the appetizers stole the show, the calamari led the way. The outside was crisp like the perfect onion ring, the drizzle of chili sauce was sweet as labeled, the insides were cooked to the proper temperature. Mmm.

Roasted Asparagus

I’m a fan of the asparagus because they are NOT afraid to really sprinkle them with flakes and flavor. The things were springy, snappy and I enjoyed watching the drip from each bite, trying to time it so I wouldn’t leave a mess.

Sauteed Mushrooms

I could almost copy and paste the words of the asparagus! Again, the fact that the outside of the mushrooms was firm is a testimony to the chef. The flavor was there as well, garlic was a flash with every bite but didn’t overpower the mushroom itself.

Barbeque Scottish Salmon Fillet

The starters and drinks were strong As. The actual meal MEAL was more like an A-. The expectations were monstrous due to the appetizers but I’m NOT complaining. The salmon was laid on mushrooms and I appreciated that choice because some vegetables just don’t pair well with it. The mushrooms had already proven themselves as an independent dish but the salmon lacked a real POP. I had fallen in love with the flavor of everything so I anticipated the fillet having a strong barbeque kick. It didn’t and I was thankful but it also didn’t leave me with anything to brag on except being cooked right. Don’t get me wrong, being cooked right gets you to the brink of an A but then I need something else to justify your high score.

The rest of the meal was meat and I’m a Pescatarian so I don’t get involved. *shrugs* From their reactions and eyewitness accounts, the Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass and Prime Dry-Aged Ribeye were “blessed”. My Queen was NOT as impressed with her Petite Filet Mignon. She felt all the flavor was on the top and the rest was just meat. *hands up* Those were her words, not mine. I would definitely come back here. The location, staff, food was all beyond the ordinary restaurant.

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