Gratitude Journal Day #211: Sunday, May 2nd, 2021

*thumps chest* I'm here. I'm not calling in sick or nothing like that. Happy Sunday FUN Day to my Tribespeople and their clans. To everyone else, hold it down and I'm out till tomorrow. #wellness #Gratitude #perspective #mindset #selfcare

Gratitudes, gratitudes

Oh, have you changed

my MF’ing attitude

3.) Flexeril – S/O to a Queen for THIS bit of medication. I been telling y’all about this back pain and how it is throwing EVERYTHING off. I struggle to move period because there is so much soreness and inflammation across the back. I was popping these “strong” anti-inflammatories and I guess they’re helping but at some point, I was probably popping too many and made my stomach issues worse. *sigh* I’m in pain like a mug but the discomfort is worse. Enter the homie. She slid me some Flexeril with a warning about how much to take, start slow, pay attention, yada yada yada (Just gimme the medicine Queen!). *composes himself* Sorry about that y’all. Ahem. I have no idea if it’s actually helping the injury but I can attest to some solid sleep. Thank you ma’am.

2.) Not falling again – *knocking on wood* I’m having CLOSE falls too. This ol’ back is making movement so much harder. It is imperative that I acknowledge I haven’t actually crashed. If I do, I’m crying. I don’t care who is around, where I’m at, nothing. I am struggling with this so I’ll be giving thanks every day, all day that I don’t fall.

1.) My eldest watched the NEW Mortal Kombat with me! – It was a cool movie. Not an A but cool beans. I ask my kids all the time to watch movies with me but NOBODY does. My youngest always volunteers. *duck face* She brings that noise, laptop, demands for the proper settings of popcorn and pickles… *shakes head* She ain’t gonna actually watch any of the movie though. I made sure to put my phone away and not take notes for a later blog because I wanted to give the film and the moment its respect.

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