Gratitude Journal Day #212: Monday, May 3rd, 2021

There. I said it for me, you, everyone associated with the Tribe. Let them suffocate by doing you, being better at being you. I got your back. Matter FACT, I dropped a Crunk Talk for my Tribespeople. What is a Crunk Talk? It's MY version of a motivational speech, or pep talk. πŸ€œπŸΎπŸ€›πŸΎπŸ–€ #wellness #Gratitude #perspective #beYOU #allaboutYOU For the FULL Gratitude Journal post, click the link below...

Crunk Talk video for today. I went OVER 1min. so I had to use good, ol’ YouTube. Feel free to share!

*ahem* And now, GRATITUDES!

3.) Chilling OUT-side – I STAY grateful for the simple things. After a rainy Friday and Saturday, it felt good to sit outside, play good music and just talk silly with each other. The Queen and I had impromptu plans to snack and jam the Khaled Khaled album. (I TRIED to warn her because I already heard it and didn’t approve.) When the girls (#1 and #4) joined us, we swapped over to an edited YouTube playlist, good times kept going. I was grateful despite them GRUBBING on ribs (I can’t because I’m Pescatarian.) and enjoyed the vodka/juice. (I shouldn’t but I’m hurting.)

2.) Got my Mother’s Day gift – I’m early and damn near giddy about it. Will she like it? Nooooo idea but it damn sho will show planning, thoughtfulness and a King putting forth his royal effort.

1.) I’m using my injury for GOOD – I’m cool beans, I am. I’m NOT well enough to work the gig. πŸ’ͺ🏾 In the past, I’d hit dark nights dealing with a bad back. It was rough enough learning to live disabled. It was hard AF getting used to living in pain. A bad back? Imagine bro. I actually have to manage my breathing because the pain goes that deep. This time, I have soooo much to do with the BID-ness that I’m just fine. I’m in NO rush to do anything but heal in the proper manner. Books are being written, meetings with people, seeing a PCP tomorrow, I’m REALLY using my injury for good and taking care of my wellness, not just my health.

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